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I was fortunate...

October 09, 2021 08:46AM
My grandfather, and Italian immigrant, came here and started his own farm. He built everything himself.. the barns, sheds, even the home I lived in for the first 10 years of my life. Connected to one of the barns... we had 6, was his workspace - supplies (wood, nails, tools, etc). By the time my Dad was in his teens they had lost most need for 'doing it yourself'. By the time I was born we didn't build much of anything ourselves... maybe a shed or two... and so I inherited my grandfather's workspace and tools.

Just to bring it up.. my grandfather bought 20 acres to start, later adding another 20. On both fields he leveled them with a mule and a plow. I can't even imagine it. It must have taken years... because even though it's not hilly where I leave to level out even a 2' mound and maybe 100' around would take forever. It had to be 'flat' to water it. - JamesJM

  How come we hear NOTHING about the Soap Box Derby anymore?

Ramgator27October 08, 2021 05:03PM

  As a kid I built 50 soap boxes...

JamesJM16October 09, 2021 07:54AM

  That is awesome..

sstrams15October 09, 2021 08:29AM

  I was fortunate...

JamesJM8October 09, 2021 08:46AM

  Re: I was fortunate...

sstrams10October 09, 2021 09:16AM

  Re: That is awesome..

IowaRam10October 09, 2021 09:46AM

  Soap Box Derby was never a thing around here

IowaRam11October 09, 2021 08:48AM

  You know what kids are missing now days

IowaRam20October 09, 2021 09:00AM

  LOLOL Forgot about that episode!! It is weird....

Ramgator15October 10, 2021 03:52AM

  My favorite episode of Little Rascals....

Ramgator10October 10, 2021 03:57AM