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As a kid I built 50 soap boxes...

October 09, 2021 07:54AM
I'm exaggerating... but I would imagine I built a dozen of them.

I live in the flattest place on earth. Around here a two foot mound we call a hill... 5' is an unscalable mountain.

Behind my shop we have a loading ramp. Large chunk of concrete maybe 4' high. Used to load equipment on flatbeds. THAT was my soap box mountain. I had a stake, (carved myself, very ornate), that marked my 'gliding record'. I scrounged parts from every shop yard within a couple of miles of our shop. Red wagon tires and axles... bicycle tires... wood... anything I could use to build and improve my soapbox cars. I even built a steering column once... gear and all.... so no 'rope pull'.

For years I searched for an opponent to race down our loading ramp - then one day a kid about my age from down the street built one. The big day came... we pushed them up to the top of the ramp and another friend was the flag man. He dropped the flag and away we went.... but the other kid had no experience... went off the side of the ramp and into the used oil barrel... soaking him from head to toe. His mom never allowed him to race again... and so ended my soap box racing league. One race. I was the one and only winner in its history. - JamesJM

  How come we hear NOTHING about the Soap Box Derby anymore?

Ramgator27October 08, 2021 05:03PM

  As a kid I built 50 soap boxes...

JamesJM15October 09, 2021 07:54AM

  That is awesome..

sstrams15October 09, 2021 08:29AM

  I was fortunate...

JamesJM8October 09, 2021 08:46AM

  Re: I was fortunate...

sstrams10October 09, 2021 09:16AM

  Re: That is awesome..

IowaRam10October 09, 2021 09:46AM

  Soap Box Derby was never a thing around here

IowaRam10October 09, 2021 08:48AM

  You know what kids are missing now days

IowaRam20October 09, 2021 09:00AM

  LOLOL Forgot about that episode!! It is weird....

Ramgator15October 10, 2021 03:52AM

  My favorite episode of Little Rascals....

Ramgator10October 10, 2021 03:57AM