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September 10, 2021 02:49PM
Forgot you rother question.. I've never seen Dwight Yoakum play, so I don't know how large of a show he normally plays with.. I'm sure he usually rents a massive light show and maybe video screen behind the drummer etc, but he had nothing.. stage was bare, except for drums and amps.. I'm guessing he was in-between larger shows in Dallas and just had our venue supply a small PA so he didn't have to drag the whole show with him.. but, for crying out loud, then don't charge full price for tickets..

The weird thing was the guitar amps.. He played an acoustic guitar all night and had one other guitarist.. he also had a "utility" guy who played steel guitar, keyboards, mandolin etc.. BUT there were, I believe, 10 small guitar amps on stage.. all mic'd, all on etc.. but two guitarists, at most..

Some people would use different amps to get different sounds, but his sound and the other guitarist's sound never changed all night.. No idea why they had that many SMALL amps onstage.. metal bands will have STACKS of large amps - most are fake amps - just to look cool and massive, but these were little bitty amps, so no idea what they were all for..

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  I got some 'splainin' to do..

sstrams54September 10, 2021 12:28PM

  Re: I got some 'splainin' to do..

MamaRAMa24September 10, 2021 12:47PM

  Yeah, he was lightning fast with sticks..

sstrams21September 10, 2021 02:43PM


sstrams16September 10, 2021 02:49PM

  Did I tell you my Dwight story?

JamesJM25September 10, 2021 01:02PM

  peanut butter

21Dog19September 10, 2021 02:12PM

  Re: Did I tell you my Dwight story?

MamaRAMa20September 10, 2021 02:49PM

  Re: Did I tell you my Dwight story?

21Dog19September 10, 2021 03:29PM

  He was also the pastor in 4 Christmases...

sstrams13September 11, 2021 04:57AM

  I gotta go to dinner..

sstrams20September 10, 2021 02:50PM

  Re: Did I tell you my Dwight story?

sstrams19September 11, 2021 06:23AM

  Re: Did I tell you my Dwight story?

MamaRAMa15September 11, 2021 06:41AM


sstrams21September 11, 2021 07:22AM

  Oh, the tambourine... I forgot to mention...

JamesJM14September 10, 2021 01:06PM