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Wild pigs

February 08, 2021 05:30PM
I don’t think I knew such a thing existed. I mean I’ve heard of wild boars, but when I think of pigs I only think of barnyard variety.

It’s been a good year for lynx because the snowshoe hares have been so plentiful. From what I’ve read they will eat squirrels when the hares are more scarce. So this video makes me wonder if the hare population is starting to dip. Perhaps it was just a squirrel being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I had a family of three lynx walk through a couple of weeks ago. I cheered when I saw the video.

While I’ve been quite excited by the traffic we’ve had this year, I am envious of the variety of animals that you have described, James. Bobcats occasionally wander this far north, and I think I caught a glimpse of one while I was out cycling on summer afternoon a couple of years ago. They’re not really built for our winters. I’ve had a black bear and lots of foxes on the trail cam. This includies a couple of gray foxes. Gray foxes are a threatened species in Ontario, so getting to see them has been fun. We’ve talked about cougars in another thread, but they’re the biggest story around these parts. There have been cougars caught on two different trail cams in the region in the past three months. Both made the local news. Experts are trying to determine if cougars are starting to recolonize around here, or if they’re just transient animals on their way through. For the longest time ministry of the Environment officials had denied their existence in our region, despite many reported sightings. They’ve had to admit that they’re back now though. Have you been seeing many mountain lions lately?


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  Trail Cam Action

canadaram70February 08, 2021 04:50PM

  Nice work, Canada....

JamesJM13February 08, 2021 05:08PM

  Wild pigs

canadaram14February 08, 2021 05:30PM

  Re: I forgot to mention

canadaram11February 08, 2021 05:38PM

  Seeing lions, other than on a trail cam, is rare....

JamesJM19February 08, 2021 07:02PM

  coyotes are about the only "wildlife" I encounter at my place

21Dog16February 09, 2021 05:41AM

  I miss pheasants...

JamesJM13February 09, 2021 07:06AM

  Re: I miss pheasants...

waterfield12February 09, 2021 08:36AM

  We used to allow hunters from the larger cities...

JamesJM13February 09, 2021 09:07AM

  Re: We used to allow hunters from the larger cities...

waterfield17February 09, 2021 12:30PM

  Mid 30's, and earlier, and later...

JamesJM11February 09, 2021 01:17PM

  Re: We used to allow hunters from the larger cities...

Arkansas Ram14February 11, 2021 06:54AM

  We call them "lake people"

Drew283918February 11, 2021 04:01PM

  If you don't mind me asking...

JamesJM14February 11, 2021 05:29PM

  I'll surprise you

Drew283913February 11, 2021 09:11PM

  Not surprised at all...

JamesJM20February 11, 2021 10:13PM


Drew28396February 12, 2021 08:34AM

  got a friend coming out this afternoon...

JamesJM7February 15, 2021 08:36AM

  Let me know about the PPQ

Drew28395February 15, 2021 09:50AM

  I'll do that...

JamesJM6February 15, 2021 09:54AM

  Interesting day...

JamesJM105February 15, 2021 04:22PM

  Oh, forgot to mention the PPQ

JamesJM5February 15, 2021 04:26PM

  Thanks for the review Jimmy

Drew28396February 15, 2021 05:15PM

  The grip...

JamesJM9February 15, 2021 06:55PM

  Gotcha. I heard that about the trigger, too.

Drew28396February 15, 2021 09:58PM

  We have coyotes roaming inside the city, now..

sstrams10February 09, 2021 08:48AM

  They are amazing animals...

JamesJM12February 09, 2021 09:29AM

  Re: Seeing lions, other than on a trail cam, is rare....

canadaram10February 09, 2021 12:09PM

  Lion Photos Attachments

JamesJM14February 15, 2021 08:51PM


canadaram9February 19, 2021 07:38PM

  Haven't found my trail cam photo of 4 lions yet... Attachments

JamesJM16February 10, 2021 11:05AM

  Thanks for sharing..

canadaram11February 10, 2021 01:14PM

  Well, I don't fear them....

JamesJM10February 10, 2021 01:35PM

  Re: Well, I don't fear them....

canadaram9February 10, 2021 05:04PM

  Watch the movie Backcountry...

sstrams14February 11, 2021 03:45AM

  I just watched the trailer on YouTube...

canadaram22February 11, 2021 03:20PM

  Dude, its brutal...

sstrams11February 11, 2021 06:24PM