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Re: showing my age

September 12, 2020 01:43PM
Don't forget Bob Waterfield!

Notable Van Nuys HS alumni

Paula Abdul (born 1962), entertainer
George O. Abell (1927–1983) astronomer, professor at UCLA[8]
Diane Baker (born 1938), actress
Ed Begley, Jr. (born 1949), actor/environmentalist
Harry Browne (attended Van Nuys 1946), best selling author and Libertarian presidential nominee in 1996 and 2000
Julie Brown (born 1958), actress/comedian/producer/singer/writer
Chuck Cecil (born 1922), disc jockey[9]
Vint Cerf (born 1943), computer scientist, one of the "fathers of the Internet"[10]
Stephen M. Cohen (born 1948), controversial internet entrepreneur
Steve Crocker (born 1944), computer scientist, inventor of the RFC series[10]
Kim Darby (born 1948), actress who appeared in True Grit
Dorothy DeBorba (1925-2010), actress who appeared in Our Gang
Larry Dixon (born 1966), NHRA drag car champion[11]
Tony Dow (born 1945), actor
Don Drysdale (1936-1993), National Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher[12]
Erika Eleniak (born 1969), actress
Diana Fuhrman (born 1962), women's weightlifting pioneer, inducted into USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame [13]
David Gerrold (born 1944), writer
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (born 1981), actor
Jack Hirsch (born c. 1941), basketball player
Steve Kanaly (born 1946), actor
Stacy Keach (born 1941), actor
David Klein, creator of Jelly Belly jelly beans, subject of the 2010 film Candyman
Bruce Kovner (born 1945), financier, former hedge fund manager
Scott Mason (1959-2015), Los Angeles disc jockey
Bob McChesney (1926-2002), NFL football player
Norm Miller (born 1946), Major League baseball player
Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962), actress
Jon Postel (1943-1998), computer scientist, known as "the god of the internet" [10][14]
Don Prudhomme (born 1941), drag racer[15]
Al Qöyawayma (born 1938), Hopi sculptor and co-founder of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society[16]
Robert Redford (born 1936), actor
Ted Robbins (born 1955), NPR journalist
Ricardo Rodriguez (born 1986), professional wrestler and ring announcer
Jane Russell (1921-2011), actress
John K. Singlaub (born 1921), Major General, US Army
David J. Skorton (born 1949), Secretary (CEO) of Smithsonian Institution; previously President of Cornell University
Bob Waterfield (1920-1983), Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback and punter[17]
Alice Waters (born 1944), creator of "California cuisine"
Natalie Wood (1938-1981), actress
Ronald Gold (born 1945), 2014 Republican Attorney General nomination — California

I went to Rival Grant HS

Notable US Grant HS alumni

Davie Allan, instrumental rock guitarist[23]
Barry Carl, former Rockapella band member[24][unreliable source?]
Bobby Diamond, 1964, child actor and later Los Angeles lawyer[25]
Barry Livingston, actor (including Ernie on My Three Sons) [26][unreliable source?]
Bruce Manson, former professional tennis player
Barry "The Fish" Melton, guitarist and co-founder of the band Country Joe and the Fish
Brian Robbins, actor in Head of the Class, director of Norbit[27]"
Cheryl Holdridge, actress, married to Lance Reventlow[28]
Craig Hundley, musician and former child actor, now known as Craig Huxley[29]
Dan Kalb, City Councilmember, Oakland, CA
Danny Nucci, actor[30]
David Paich, keyboardist, singer, composer and co-founder of the rock group Toto
Fran Pavley, California State Senator [31]
Gary Knell, National Geographic Society President and Chief Executive Officer
Gilbert Arenas, professional basketball player, NBA All-Star with Washington Wizards[32]
Ike Eisenmann, actor, producer, sound effects specialist
Jeff Green, former editor-in-chief of Games for Windows: The Official Magazine
Minnette Gersh Lenier, teacher of literacy and professional magician
Jeff Porcaro, drummer, co-founder of the rock group Toto (d. 1992)[33]
Jessie Nelson, filmmaker (Corinna, Corinna, I Am Sam, The Story of Us, Fred Claus)[34][failed verification]
Jim Gordon, popular session drummer
Jim Umbarger, Major League Baseball player 1975-78[35]
Joel Grover - Los Angeles Television News Investigative Reporter
John Dolmayan rock drummer (System Of A Down)[36]
Johnette Napolitano, musician, Concrete Blonde[37]
Kay Lenz, Emmy Award-winning actress, first wife of David Cassidy[38]
Kevin Dubrow, lead singer, co-founder of the rock group Quiet Riot (d. 2007)
Kim Ung-Yong
Larry Magid, technology journalist
Lonn Friend, vice president of A & R for Arista Records[37]
Marcia Reed, movie stills photographer
Megan Marshack, journalist
Melora Hardin, actress, Jan in The Office
Michael Landau, session guitarist
Michael Simpson, Grammy Award-winning record producer and composer, one of the "Dust Brothers"[39]
Micky Dolenz, actor, musician and drummer of The Monkees[40]
Mike Curb, record producer, California Lieutenant Governor from 1979-83[41]
Mike Porcaro, member of rock group Toto
Mike Post, composer of music and theme songs for popular TV series[42]
Mitch Gaylord, 1984 Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast[43]
Moosie Drier, actor and occasional director[44][unreliable source?]
Paul Neubauer, violist of New York Philharmonic and instructor at Juilliard and Mannes College of Music
Rod Beck, Major League Baseball pitcher 1991-2003, 3-time All-Star[45]
Ruthann Friedman, folk musician
Stan Lee (musician) Sobol, guitarist for band The Dickies, formed in 1977, Clown Princes of Punk
Steve Lukather, musician, member of the rock group Toto[33]
Steve Porcaro, musician, composer, co-founder of rock group Toto[33]
Tom Griffin, Major League Baseball player, 1969–82, Sporting News National League Rookie Pitcher of the Year in 1969[46]
Tom Scott, professional musician and writer of themes to "Starsky & Hutch", "The Streets of San Francisco", and "Family Ties".[23]
Tom Selleck, actor
Joseph Williams, film/TV composer and former lead singer in rock group Toto
Linda Wolf, photographer


  The 60 Greatest Motown Songs

Crazylegs35September 11, 2020 04:29PM

  The Isley Bros.....

JoeMad10September 11, 2020 05:11PM

  Amazing list

SeattleRam8September 11, 2020 05:58PM

  Possibly the best post ever...

JamesJM18September 11, 2020 06:28PM

  ashamed to say this.....

21Dog12September 12, 2020 05:00AM

  showing my age

21Dog8September 12, 2020 04:58AM

  Re: showing my age

Crazylegs15September 12, 2020 11:42AM

  I've been blessed to have witnessed many great concerts...

JamesJM9September 12, 2020 12:17PM

  Re: I've been blessed to have witnessed many great concerts...

Crazylegs8September 12, 2020 12:28PM

  I'm impressed

21Dog6September 12, 2020 01:51PM

  Re: showing my age

waterfield8September 12, 2020 01:07PM

  Re: showing my age

Crazylegs5September 12, 2020 01:43PM

  Big D!!

21Dog2September 12, 2020 01:49PM

  Re: showing my age

waterfield6September 12, 2020 03:51PM

  Now you've done it.

waterfield3September 12, 2020 03:53PM

  I'll take Stylistics and Delfonics

ferragamo7910September 12, 2020 06:51PM

  Re: I'll take Stylistics and Delfonics

Crazylegs5September 13, 2020 06:56AM

  Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude

SeattleRam5September 13, 2020 04:49AM

  Re: Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude

21Dog4September 13, 2020 04:55AM