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Re: showing my age

September 12, 2020 01:07PM
Van Nuys High ? You and Robt. Redford, Natalie Wood ?

Dorsey High Sch also had social clubs that were like fraternities and sororities. Not everyone could get in. You had to be "cool".They had similar names: Yeomen, Nobles, Commanders etc. Of course the girls had their own social clubs that primarily were for the girls from rich families. While I had a few friends from one of the boys clubs and even dated a girl from one of the girls clubs, I was never "invited" to join a club. Likely, my fault as my time was either on the football or baseball field and when not there was in the ocean. .

Maybe this was a thing of the past as I'm not sure there are "social" clubs on high school campuses any longer. I know there are "service" clubs today that have a more "civic" purpose.

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