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Re: Ok, I got a question..

September 11, 2020 05:01AM
Every year, there are HUGE wildfires in California.. Thousands of acres burnt to the ground.. every year.. I know it takes many years to regrow the trees.. how has California not yet run out of woodsy areas to burn?

Southern California has wildfires that are fueled by brush and some trees. Santa Ana winds push hot air from the deserts to the ocean and if a fire starts they push them. In 1976 my future in laws had to evacuate their house due to a fire from Camp Pendleton. No trees in sight and it stopped at their fence. Seeing the sky glow red 1/2 mile from the ocean at night is seared in my memory. Plant system is referred to chaparral.
A couple years ago leaving LA I missed a wild fire that shutdown the freeway by about 15 minutes. It ran the hills and burned some cars on the freeway.

I mention these two because California has 3 different type of areas that burn.

Brush area, Chaparral, look at Camp Pendleton as an example.

Brush with oaks and other trees . Laguna Canyon not far from Camp Pendleton had a major fire that was fueled this way imo.

Forrest fires....big trees .

All 3 can and do happen this time of year.

  Those of you in California, please stay safe

SeattleRam46September 10, 2020 08:37AM

  Ok, I got a question..

sstrams17September 10, 2020 08:44AM

  Re: Ok, I got a question..

txramfan10September 11, 2020 05:01AM

  Hey, tx, thanks..

sstrams7September 11, 2020 05:26AM

  Re: Hey, tx, thanks..

txramfan8September 11, 2020 05:45AM

  Wow that doesn't sound smart...

sstrams10September 11, 2020 06:22AM

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txramfan10September 11, 2020 06:38AM

  Hmmm.. wonder if it moved...

sstrams9September 11, 2020 09:43AM

  Re: Ok, I got a question..

21Dog11September 11, 2020 05:12AM

  21 do you think..

sstrams8September 11, 2020 05:28AM

  Re: 21 do you think..

21Dog10September 11, 2020 05:34AM

  Maybe someone will eventually..

sstrams7September 11, 2020 05:42AM

  Re: Ok, I got a question..

waterfield13September 11, 2020 07:53AM

  Re: Ok, I got a question..

txramfan12September 11, 2020 08:19AM

  Re: Ok, I got a question..

waterfield15September 11, 2020 11:51AM

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JoeMad17September 11, 2020 10:08AM

  @ SST California like Texas is huge

ferragamo798September 11, 2020 05:45AM

  Yeah, its EVERY year..

sstrams8September 11, 2020 06:23AM

  Re: Yeah, its EVERY year..

waterfield11September 11, 2020 08:00AM

  I can believe that..

sstrams11September 11, 2020 09:45AM