January 08, 2020 06:12AM
I would be listening to Dodger baseball on KFI (640).

Listened to every pitch of Koufax' perfect game in '65 on a transistor under my pillow. Probably my cherished moment as Dodger fan.


  AM Radio Static.........

Arkansas Ram112January 05, 2020 02:22PM

  Those were the days, no?

sstrams65January 05, 2020 03:08PM

  I don't remember what radio station I listened to as a kid Attachments

IowaRam60January 05, 2020 03:54PM

  ah the days of AM.....

JamesJM57January 05, 2020 03:34PM

  KJR AM Ichabod Caine

SeattleRam65January 05, 2020 03:49PM

  I had a little radio I would bring outside

ferragamo7958January 07, 2020 07:40AM

  same MO for me, but.........

21Dog50January 08, 2020 06:12AM

  Still listen to Dodgers on a little radio

waterfield56January 08, 2020 07:15AM

  I used too religiously

ferragamo7950January 08, 2020 07:53AM