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I hate to say it..

December 24, 2016 07:53AM
but I haven't been in a music store in years.... probably 7-8 years... partially because I get all my stuff online these days and there are no more really good music stores in town - certainly none that carry my brands.. Plus I rarely buy anything musical anymore, other than picks and strings - strings which are 1/3rd the cost online.. I have all my picks custom made by another company online so no dice there, either..

That being said, I could spend half my life in Guitar Center in Dallas - there are several.. and every time I DO go into a Guitar Center I leave with something I shouldn't.. So, probably for the better that I don't go there.. But, like you said, I want everything in there when I go and could spend all day easily..

I'm REALLY into the custom thing these days, tho.. with 13 guitars now the last thing I need is another guitar, but if I were to buy one, I think I'd have one made by the Jackson Custom Shop.. My design, my graphics air brushed on it, my design inlays etc... easily $5k, so probably not happening anytime soon.. Problem is I wouldn't be able to play it live because all the jewelry would tear it up......(sigh).....

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  Fellow musicians... don't cha love music stores?

JamesJM385December 24, 2016 07:14AM

  I hate to say it..

sstrams209December 24, 2016 07:53AM