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Fellow musicians... don't cha love music stores?

December 24, 2016 07:14AM
I talk about Cabela's and BassPro a lot... but I love music stores every bit as much, even though it the one thing in life that gives me the most regrets - "why didn't I learn how to play the Sax, Violin, Flute, Clarinet, French Horn, etc etc etc".

Not sure how many of you took band in school... I did. Began in the 4th grade. Point is: I love 'sheet music'. I know, that makes no sense... but to me 'sheet music' is art. LOVE the looks of sheet music... I could frame them and hang them on my home's walls I love them so much.

I love 'Sheet Music Stands'... they are beautiful. I have two.... and never play off sheet music... ALTHOUGH, I am considering getting a trumpet. (I began by playing Trumpet and kept at it thru college). I have a metronome as well... just because. No reason for me to have a metronome except I like them and have to have one.

I don't think there is anything in a music store I would not like to have... needed or not, whether I can play it or not. Yup, music store owners love to see me come in. - JamesJM

  Fellow musicians... don't cha love music stores?

JamesJM408December 24, 2016 07:14AM

  I hate to say it..

sstrams228December 24, 2016 07:53AM