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Re: We went and saw Foghat last

August 07, 2016 09:49AM
Good ol' Hogfat, one of my favorite bands from back in the day, they used to come to St. Louis nearly every year around Oct. Nov. timeframe. Played at Kiel Auditorium, tickets were $5, $6, and $7 at the time, if I remember right, geez, that was over 40 years ago.

They had some very good tunes other than the big two or three, had several of their albums, did have Foghat live on cassette. Thanks for the memories, since it was a "family friendly" type event there probably wasn't any of that "sweet" smell around smoking smiley

  We went and saw Foghat last

IowaRam874August 07, 2016 09:35AM

  Re: We went and saw Foghat last

Bud Frosty523August 07, 2016 09:49AM

  Foghat has a new album

IowaRam479August 07, 2016 12:53PM

  A couple new old ones

IowaRam477August 07, 2016 12:55PM

  And in case you're feeling the blues

IowaRam473August 07, 2016 12:57PM


sstrams478August 07, 2016 02:18PM

  Re: Man...

IowaRam557August 07, 2016 03:33PM

  Every Red Blooded American Rocker...

Ram Rock507August 07, 2016 06:44PM

  a little Foghat history for you kids

21Dog489August 07, 2016 08:42PM

  Re: a little Foghat history for you kids

Bud Frosty511August 08, 2016 04:43AM

  for music on the radio....

21Dog467August 08, 2016 05:01AM

  Re: a little Foghat history for you kids

JoeMad553August 08, 2016 11:54AM

  one of the best live LPs ever

21Dog480August 08, 2016 01:16PM

  Love Both Those Bands 21! ....nm

Ram Rock437August 08, 2016 05:13PM

  Yeah, Foghat Live...

sstrams485August 08, 2016 03:31AM

  Exactly SST...

Ram Rock435August 08, 2016 05:16PM

  For a album that only has 6 songs on it

IowaRam446August 08, 2016 07:13PM

  Amen To That...

Ram Rock454August 09, 2016 02:53PM

  my favorite song of theirs

ferragamo79511August 08, 2016 12:34PM

  Amen To That Brother!!!

Ram Rock639August 08, 2016 05:20PM

  Honey Hush.... wow...

sstrams456August 09, 2016 03:24AM


Ram Rock435August 09, 2016 02:56PM

  Live Now

IowaRam459August 08, 2016 07:10PM

  Do you know how the band got that name?

ferragamo79484August 09, 2016 09:10AM

  Re: Do you know how the band got that name?

Bud Frosty443August 09, 2016 11:43AM