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Club sports is ridiculous

May 06, 2024 06:21PM
Soccer is huge in California as is Club soccer

every parent thinks their kid is amazing and starts their kids in travel squads at age 8 -10....usually burn out before 14

things is most kids don't even play college soccer like less than 1 percent

and kids are all over the map between 8-14....this one kid was so dominant and fast at age 10-12....never grew and sucked at 14

coversely some big kids with growth spurts dominate young or have coordination before others and fizzle out later

I coached all star rec soccer for 12 years and little league BB

RIP Bucky - 7/25/1943 - 1/19/2013

  Little League Travel Ball has gone Bat Poop CRAZY! My Neighbor across the Street...

Ramgator40May 06, 2024 04:14PM

  Club sports is ridiculous

ferragamo7916May 06, 2024 06:21PM

  For years, I thought I was gonna Coach Little League Baseball. And THEN....

Ramgator15May 07, 2024 08:54AM

  Yup, that's my experience as well, Ferragamo...

JamesJM17May 07, 2024 11:42AM

  Think I mentioned it before...Even ex Braves Star, John Smoltz slammed Little League.

Ramgator10May 07, 2024 01:41PM