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Still eating on ours

February 13, 2024 08:58AM
Deb is a great cook, but she don't know how to fix portions. I'd say I'll be eating on it for 4 or 5 more days

You couldn't possibly know the whole story with only half the facts.

  Super Bowl Party/Menu

MamaRAMa149February 10, 2024 06:05AM

  Family separation LOL

JamesJM49February 10, 2024 07:34AM

  Re: Family separation LOL

MamaRAMa41February 10, 2024 09:17AM

  Re: Super Bowl Party/Menu

SeattleRam44February 10, 2024 08:33AM

  Speaking of Cole Slaw

JamesJM40February 10, 2024 09:11AM

  Southern Coleslaw recipe

MamaRAMa64February 10, 2024 09:41AM


Arkansas Ram33February 10, 2024 12:53PM

  Definitely going to give it a try, Mama. Thanks (nm)

JamesJM27February 10, 2024 02:10PM

  I've had it made that way

LesBaker21February 13, 2024 09:24AM

  I'm honestly just not feeling it.

Ramgator40February 10, 2024 02:56PM

  Re: I'm honestly just not feeling it.

MamaRAMa29February 10, 2024 04:02PM

  Wasn't begrudging anyone.

Ramgator30February 11, 2024 03:22AM

  I'll be alone..

sstrams37February 10, 2024 04:48PM

  Re: I'll be alone..

MamaRAMa52February 10, 2024 05:13PM

  Yeah,just hoping for a good game

sstrams43February 10, 2024 05:17PM

  Not me....

JamesJM37February 10, 2024 07:00PM

  That would be good game, no?

sstrams35February 11, 2024 06:39AM

  me too as with pretty much all football games

ferragamo7936February 10, 2024 07:23PM

  That's me!

Ramgator40February 11, 2024 03:16AM

  Re: I'll be alone..

MamaRAMa34February 10, 2024 06:32PM

  Well, the problem is..

sstrams46February 11, 2024 06:41AM

  Re: Well, the problem is..

MamaRAMa45February 11, 2024 07:08AM

  No, no Mediterranean markets here..

sstrams35February 11, 2024 08:39AM

  Our Publix Supermarkets have an AWESOME selection of Italian foods!

Ramgator34February 11, 2024 09:34AM

  Hibiscus Cafe (for sstrams)

MamaRAMa31February 12, 2024 09:45AM

  Yes, Mama, am good friends with the owners..

sstrams29February 12, 2024 10:05AM

  Still eating on ours

ScRAM22February 13, 2024 08:58AM

  Re: Still eating on ours

MamaRAMa28February 13, 2024 09:39AM

  Re: Super Bowl Party/Menu...it's all about the food

JoeMad31February 13, 2024 11:36AM