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I love it up there, Les... but...

September 08, 2023 07:44AM
it's not a vacation spot. laughing smiley Well, unless you truly want to experience the 'wild'. Nothing tame about it plus water is in short supply.... even this year when we had one of the wettest winters on record.

Most people prefer the springtime... the oats are very green plus lots of wildflowers.

This isn't me, by the way. It's my cousin. He's a partner with me on the ranch

What I like best about is that we bought it from a guy who was VERY "leave it alone". In other words... it has not changed much at all since the Native Americans lived on it. Lots of Native American artifacts lying about and petroglyphs on the sandstone. I "mark" them with GPS when I find them but never touch them.... and I don't tell my partners about them because sure as hell they'll exploit them.

One of my best finds was a long flat rock covered with soil that I gently scrapped off and found 15 mortar holes the Indians used for various purposes... food, dye, ceremonial concoctions. The young men of the Yokut Indians would make a potion from Jimsonweed which is a psychedelic. Very poisonous if you overdue it. And actually... it wasn't my find it was my daughters. We named the spot after her and she's VERY proud of it. laughing smiley - JamesJM

  Mountain Lions.... again....

JamesJM82September 06, 2023 06:31PM

  That would be a trip

sstrams27September 06, 2023 07:01PM

  Re: Mountain Lions.... again....

SeattleRam23September 06, 2023 09:19PM

  "little calves?"

21Dog28September 07, 2023 03:39AM

  Taking off for a hunting trip....

JamesJM27September 07, 2023 11:23AM

  I just saw an article..

sstrams31September 07, 2023 03:44PM

  Every year it seems a couple Mountain Lions wander into Iowa

IowaRam24September 07, 2023 01:38PM

  This just popped up in my news feed

IowaRam24September 07, 2023 06:08PM

  Some Photo from my ranch today... Attachments

JamesJM43September 07, 2023 08:17PM


LesBaker28September 08, 2023 03:39AM

  I love it up there, Les... but... Attachments

JamesJM26September 08, 2023 07:44AM

  I'm not even one bit surprised that you leave them alone

LesBaker28September 08, 2023 03:56PM

  quite a story

21Dog24September 09, 2023 04:10AM


JamesJM23September 09, 2023 05:23AM

  I want to visit

LesBaker22September 13, 2023 01:58PM

  Re: Some Photo from my ranch today...

MamaRAMa24September 08, 2023 04:03AM

  Re: Some Photo from my ranch today...

waterfield25September 08, 2023 07:31AM

  Right.... although at that precise location....

JamesJM26September 08, 2023 07:49AM

  Re: Right.... although at that precise location....

waterfield24September 08, 2023 01:25PM