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sstrams... remember me posting your worlds smallest skyscraper...

May 24, 2023 01:10PM
The photo below was our most notable 'countryside' landmark. We had some taller structures IN town but in the country this was it. And notice I said "was".

Every person that grew up out here on the westside, several small towns, knew this landmark. It is no more. Accident... a car drove off the nearby road, (no injuries), struck it and did major damage. It was still standing after the accident (tough old lady) - but was now a hazard so it was torn down. This silo had been here since before I was born... and now it's gone.

Can you grieve a silo? What am I asking? Of course you can because that's exactly what I'm doing.


  sstrams... remember me posting your worlds smallest skyscraper... Attachments

JamesJM109May 24, 2023 01:10PM

  Yeah, I get that...

sstrams51May 24, 2023 01:22PM

  first question

IowaRam65May 24, 2023 01:29PM

  What the hell?

JamesJM57May 24, 2023 02:38PM

  That's an awesome story..

sstrams53May 24, 2023 02:40PM

  I get asked about Cochise and Thunder to this day....

JamesJM64May 24, 2023 02:55PM

  when you say Buffalos.

IowaRam52May 24, 2023 03:02PM

  We have a lot of buffalo in our area..

sstrams52May 24, 2023 03:10PM

  Heck yeah! Where I used to live with my ex, down in Middleburg..

Ramgator45May 24, 2023 03:17PM

  There's an old ICBM silo about 120 miles from here..

sstrams54May 24, 2023 03:23PM