March 15, 2023 08:05AM
both the real one and fly the sim. I'm greedy. laughing smiley

Hope you don't mind this takeoff on your post.... but your screenshot made me think of this. Warning... for non-aviation buffs this will make little sense to you. laughing smiley

I started flying lessons in 1967. It was a different world back then. We used to actually do touch and goes at SF International... if you can believe that.. in a Cessna 150! laughing smiley

But as to your screenshot. Hangars. Back then, and for quite a few years after with many still existing today, those old hangars were everywhere... and I LOVE them. When I go in one it's like I enter another world. I could live in one.. and I'm not joking.

I think my favorite of all time was the old Hangar in Coos Bay, Oregon. It was wooden, and it was HUGE... I think built for WWII? Not sure about that. It's probably still standing. I love airports in general.... and to this day visit them often. Most hangars today are off limits, for obvious reason... but back then you could roam around... pretend to be a WWII tail-gunner if you're in to that kind of guess is that Steve is. laughing smiley

Ok, I'm in mourning. I tried to find a photo of the hangar at Coos Bay, (actually North Bend), only to discover that it burned down in 2012. My heart is broken. - JamesJM

  The F-15 Virtual Reality sim I'm building.. Attachments

sstrams158March 15, 2023 07:15AM

  Re: The F-15 Virtual Reality sim I'm building..

SeattleRam70March 15, 2023 07:43AM

  I want to ride in it....

JamesJM79March 15, 2023 08:05AM

  Mama, let Frank know something for me....

JamesJM74March 15, 2023 08:11AM

  This one won't fly..

sstrams61March 15, 2023 08:21AM

  pretty cool

IowaRam74March 15, 2023 01:02PM

  Not on this sim... Attachments

sstrams85March 15, 2023 02:42PM