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pretty cool

March 15, 2023 01:02PM
don't know what you're talking about , but pretty cool

do you get to load it us with ordnance ., the one thing that always impressed me about the F-15 , it can carry massive amounts of ordance


  The F-15 Virtual Reality sim I'm building.. Attachments

sstrams149March 15, 2023 07:15AM

  Re: The F-15 Virtual Reality sim I'm building..

SeattleRam66March 15, 2023 07:43AM

  I want to ride in it....

JamesJM74March 15, 2023 08:05AM

  Mama, let Frank know something for me....

JamesJM69March 15, 2023 08:11AM

  This one won't fly..

sstrams57March 15, 2023 08:21AM

  pretty cool

IowaRam68March 15, 2023 01:02PM

  Not on this sim... Attachments

sstrams80March 15, 2023 02:42PM