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This year is over but Next Year is still open

November 22, 2022 04:30AM
I agree this year is over. Time to focus on developing the talent we have. Let Perkins have more Reps so that we can see if he can be a reliable backup next season. Wolf gotta go. Also we should be looking league wide for potential practice squad Offensive Lineman that can be developed. Also Tutu & McCutcheon need to play now that Kupp is out. Lets see what we have in those two. On a team that is lacking big plays Tutu has 2 big play out of how many targets? I can only thing of 3 targets so far. We better take a good look at Yeast and Lake as our Scott & Rapp are free agents and Fuller consistently finds his way on the injury list. Hopkins is another that needs more time as Higbee may be a cap casualty next season. Finding another playable/developmental TE off a Practice Squad might be a good signing.

Offensive Line: As for next season I think we should be optimistic. The offensive Line should be healthy and only lose Edwards which is not a huge loss. Heck Edwards may be resignable for a low price. Boom, Jackson, Shelton, Haverstien & Allen might be a decent line and Bruss & Anchrum could fight to be included and Arcui has a year under his belt and may get some reps before season is over. . Not sure if cutting Allen saves any cap space and I would suspect we draft a at least 1 lineman in the top 4 rounds.

QB: Need to evaluate Perkins as a backup. Perhaps draft future #2 this year
RB: Need to decide if Akers is going to be here. Henderson FA most likely gone. If Akers is iffy probably use 2nd or 3rd rounder on a RB.
WR: We seem set here. Like to see McCutcheon get some Reps before season is over.
Offensive Summary: Draft a kick as RB and get healthy and we should be good again. Playoff competitive Level


DL: I think we lose ARob & Gaines so these will be big holes to fill and we don't have a really any cap space to sign a difference maker. Internal backups have gotten experience but expect investment of some draft picks. AD will need some help.

LB: Set at ML positions and with Floyd and Lewis on the edge. Edge still could use help. Like to see Hardy activated and get some reps so we can see what we have with him. I think Hollins is gone though he could come back at a low cost.

Defensive Backfield. Ramsey, Fuller an a bunch of kids. I thought Haley looked good before he got hurt, Hendricks & Durant both got time with mixed results but expect improvement next season. Rochelle has disappeared not sure what the story is there. He has size to play safety so maybe a position change is in order. Yeast has looked good and his getting some reps. Like to see Lake get on the field for some seasoning.

We have a decent amount of draft ammo and young developing players at all of our positions of need except RB and maybe TE. Draft Focus on RB, TE. Oline, DL & Edge

Rams go into the off season with some holes to fill but the core studs are still there. Not sure if they can mortgage the future more to save Higbee but that would help a lot. Gaines would be 2nd choice and he will probably be a lot cheaper than Higbee. Perhaps I am too optimistic about next season but I see a potential playoff caliber roster for next season. After that I think that the cap gimmicks may catch up to us. Still I find reasons to hope for next year which helps because this year is total crap and depresses the heck out of me.

  the curtain is closing

L.A.Rams564November 21, 2022 02:40AM

  Re: the curtain is closing

GroundPounder151November 21, 2022 03:24AM

  Re: the curtain is closing

sfbayram65November 22, 2022 09:07AM

  Re: the curtain is closing

SoCalRAMatic146November 21, 2022 03:28AM

  Re: the curtain is closing

Ramstien119November 21, 2022 03:37AM

  After Martz lost a Super Bowl, the Rams went into a 15 year drought

NewMexicoRam109November 21, 2022 03:58AM

  Re: the curtain is closing

Ridgewood Ram57November 21, 2022 06:01PM

  The curtain ain't closing. It's CLOSED!

Ramgator107November 21, 2022 06:46AM

  Re: The curtain ain't closing. It's CLOSED!

dodgerram123November 21, 2022 06:48AM

  yes and no

L.A.Rams102November 21, 2022 07:42AM

  my biggest worry now is Stafford and the $160M contract

Rampage2K-97November 21, 2022 11:27AM

  Was burned late last season, too. He is not great at man anymore

JimYoungblood53106November 21, 2022 11:50AM

  Is it time for switch to safety?

promomasterj88November 21, 2022 12:15PM

  That's it.

JimYoungblood5384November 21, 2022 12:19PM

  Did Yeast rise to the occasion?

sstrams74November 21, 2022 01:25PM

  he was infectious

JimYoungblood5386November 21, 2022 01:29PM


Ramsdude80November 21, 2022 01:35PM

  I started it.. '53 just added to it...

sstrams79November 21, 2022 02:07PM

  I think someone needs to Attachments

JimYoungblood5362November 21, 2022 03:05PM

  I get the "yeast rising" part but

Ramsdude53November 21, 2022 03:11PM

  I can tell you, dude, but then I can't UNTELL you..

sstrams44November 22, 2022 04:00AM

  Yeah, I figured it out later! lol

Ramsdude38November 22, 2022 04:04AM

  Re: I started it.. '53 just added to it...

Ekern5557November 21, 2022 05:59PM

  It's ok...

Ramsdude43November 22, 2022 03:34AM

  Re: It's ok...

KRams43November 22, 2022 06:31AM

  Well played, sir

JimYoungblood5332November 22, 2022 05:58AM

  Re: That's it.

mtramfan47November 21, 2022 10:25PM

  Re: That's it.

21Dog56November 22, 2022 04:32AM

  get real....you want to pay that salary at safety

ferragamo7976November 21, 2022 12:58PM

  why is it ridiculous?

promomasterj57November 21, 2022 03:15PM

  This year is over but Next Year is still open

David Deacon155November 22, 2022 04:30AM

  that's what Rams fans were thinking in 1990 and 2006

L.A.Rams68November 22, 2022 04:34AM

  Re: that's what Rams fans were thinking in 1990 and 2006

David Deacon41November 22, 2022 11:18AM

  Also, why would you expect history to repeat itself

promomasterj49November 22, 2022 11:49AM

  Correction - how is this like 1990 and 2006?

promomasterj35November 22, 2022 11:50AM