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That's it.

November 21, 2022 12:19PM
Yeast played yesterday some---

Maybe they are grooming him to replace Rapp.

But Rams could easily play safety
but man, unless some of these young corners
improve---problems will persist

  the curtain is closing

L.A.Rams621November 21, 2022 02:40AM

  Re: the curtain is closing

GroundPounder174November 21, 2022 03:24AM

  Re: the curtain is closing

sfbayram78November 22, 2022 09:07AM

  Re: the curtain is closing

SoCalRAMatic166November 21, 2022 03:28AM

  Re: the curtain is closing

Ramstien123November 21, 2022 03:37AM

  After Martz lost a Super Bowl, the Rams went into a 15 year drought

NewMexicoRam130November 21, 2022 03:58AM

  Re: the curtain is closing

Ridgewood Ram119November 21, 2022 06:01PM

  The curtain ain't closing. It's CLOSED!

Ramgator112November 21, 2022 06:46AM

  Re: The curtain ain't closing. It's CLOSED!

dodgerram128November 21, 2022 06:48AM

  yes and no

L.A.Rams105November 21, 2022 07:42AM

  my biggest worry now is Stafford and the $160M contract

Rampage2K-100November 21, 2022 11:27AM

  Was burned late last season, too. He is not great at man anymore

JimYoungblood53138November 21, 2022 11:50AM

  Is it time for switch to safety?

promomasterj92November 21, 2022 12:15PM

  That's it.

JimYoungblood5386November 21, 2022 12:19PM

  Did Yeast rise to the occasion?

sstrams83November 21, 2022 01:25PM

  he was infectious

JimYoungblood5389November 21, 2022 01:29PM


Ramsdude139November 21, 2022 01:35PM

  I started it.. '53 just added to it...

sstrams118November 21, 2022 02:07PM

  I think someone needs to Attachments

JimYoungblood5367November 21, 2022 03:05PM

  I get the "yeast rising" part but

Ramsdude56November 21, 2022 03:11PM

  I can tell you, dude, but then I can't UNTELL you..

sstrams46November 22, 2022 04:00AM

  Yeah, I figured it out later! lol

Ramsdude41November 22, 2022 04:04AM

  Re: I started it.. '53 just added to it...

Ekern5562November 21, 2022 05:59PM

  It's ok...

Ramsdude65November 22, 2022 03:34AM

  Re: It's ok...

KRams48November 22, 2022 06:31AM

  Well played, sir

JimYoungblood5334November 22, 2022 05:58AM

  Re: That's it.

mtramfan54November 21, 2022 10:25PM

  Re: That's it.

21Dog61November 22, 2022 04:32AM

  get real....you want to pay that salary at safety

ferragamo79121November 21, 2022 12:58PM

  why is it ridiculous?

promomasterj60November 21, 2022 03:15PM

  This year is over but Next Year is still open

David Deacon208November 22, 2022 04:30AM

  that's what Rams fans were thinking in 1990 and 2006

L.A.Rams70November 22, 2022 04:34AM

  Re: that's what Rams fans were thinking in 1990 and 2006

David Deacon47November 22, 2022 11:18AM

  Also, why would you expect history to repeat itself

promomasterj54November 22, 2022 11:49AM

  Correction - how is this like 1990 and 2006?

promomasterj37November 22, 2022 11:50AM