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Re: BS

November 15, 2022 01:47PM

While I would agree that stats don't tell the full story...they definitely tell A story. Agreed

Can you please provide an explanation for how the Ram defense can be top-10 in terms of the 3 & outs it generates if every offense they face is repeatedly taking advantage of soft cushions? How many sacks does AD or anyone else on our team have? The "off coverage" has affected the pressure rate of our D. It's been pointed out by Aikman, Romo, Baldy and others too. Can you tell me why a "top 10 D when it comes to 3 and outs gets so little pressure from anyone on our team including the GOAT AD? It's because the ball is gone before they have a chance to get there.

Have to wonder if, in experiencing frustration with the offense, people are also lashing out at the defense. After all, if the offense was doing what they were supposed to be doing (i.e. scoring at least 24 ppg), I think that you would be more than happy with the defense giving up less than 20 ppg.The offense sucks. We ALL know it. That is the reason we are losing. I am not disputing that. My point here is what I have been saying. The off coverage allows teams to nullify our pass rush. It's the natural counter by an offense when playing against the off coverage.


“Well, the color is good, I like the metallic blue,” Youngblood recently said while laughing, via NFL Journal. “The horn is terrible. It looks like a ‘C.’ When I first saw it on the logo I honestly thought it was a Charger logo.

“Now when I see it on the helmet, it just isn’t a ram horn. There is no distinct curl like a mature ram horn. I don’t know how the Rams could get that wrong. That is your symbol and it has been for what? Seventy years or more? Longer than I have been alive? It’s just not us, it’s not the Rams.”---Mr. Ram Jack Youngblood


  Letters to Jourdan: Jonathan H

leafnose481November 15, 2022 04:27AM

  Yeah, nice letter...

sstrams168November 15, 2022 04:40AM

  Re: Yeah, nice letter...

The_Zone97November 15, 2022 06:35AM

  That would be nice, Zone...

sstrams91November 15, 2022 06:41AM

  Every single pick?

Ramsdude74November 15, 2022 08:33AM

  He was better than Spags and Linehan..

sstrams95November 15, 2022 08:45AM

  OK but one glaring omission

Atlantic Ram175November 15, 2022 06:12AM

  can't block, can't run, can't get to the passer

LMU93112November 15, 2022 06:35AM

  great points nm

21Dog72November 15, 2022 08:07AM


Arkansas Ram82November 15, 2022 08:12AM

  Re: OK but one glaring omission

ramBRO110November 15, 2022 06:38AM


JimYoungblood5366November 15, 2022 11:51AM

  Re: OK but one glaring omission

Crazylegs58November 15, 2022 12:05PM

  One omission…

LaloRam88November 15, 2022 07:17AM

  Defensive Money allocation and Defensive Philosophy

darams222121November 15, 2022 08:59AM

  Good post, and I'll add to that

BigGame81118November 15, 2022 09:09AM

  You're not wrong 222

Ramsdude110November 15, 2022 09:14AM

  Not right

JimYoungblood5368November 15, 2022 12:24PM


Ramsdude98November 15, 2022 12:48PM

  It does mean I am right

JimYoungblood5350November 15, 2022 01:26PM

  According to you...you are always right when it comes to Morris

Ramsdude64November 15, 2022 01:40PM

  Re: BS

ramBRO98November 15, 2022 01:32PM

  I think you nailed it

JimYoungblood5369November 15, 2022 01:45PM

  Re: BS

Ramsdude94November 15, 2022 01:47PM

  all of this magnified x1000 by insane amount of injuries

Rampage2K-82November 15, 2022 09:13AM