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November 15, 2022 12:48PM
You can post all the stats you want but it doesn't mean you are right. It's easy to find "stats" to back any opinion if you look hard enough.

Also, stats from 2020 and 2021 don't accurately apply to this year IMO. It's a different team with a different supporting cast around AD. What once worked ok might not be the best option now.

It has been proven and discussed here, on other message boards, in numerous articles and mentioned by many announcers and media people like Aikman, Tony Romo and Baldy too that the "off coverage" invites other teams to get rid of the ball quickly to take advantage of the big cushions. That makes it harder for the rush to get there not easier. It's a fact whether you want to believe it or not.

Most QB's we have played are able to get the ball out in record time due to the off coverage. In some cases in under 2 seconds! Please tell me how the h#ll AD or anyone for that matter can get to the QB faster than 2 seconds??? I know AD is good but he's not Superman! rolled eyes smiley

Seriously, you seem like a smart guy, so just stop trying to prove you know more than the experts. There have been many people smarter than you and me who have said exactly what I said above. Maybe, just maybe, they are right and you might be wrong?

Sometimes your defense of Morris makes sense...but not this time. Sorry.


“Well, the color is good, I like the metallic blue,” Youngblood recently said while laughing, via NFL Journal. “The horn is terrible. It looks like a ‘C.’ When I first saw it on the logo I honestly thought it was a Charger logo.

“Now when I see it on the helmet, it just isn’t a ram horn. There is no distinct curl like a mature ram horn. I don’t know how the Rams could get that wrong. That is your symbol and it has been for what? Seventy years or more? Longer than I have been alive? It’s just not us, it’s not the Rams.”---Mr. Ram Jack Youngblood


  Letters to Jourdan: Jonathan H

leafnose486November 15, 2022 04:27AM

  Yeah, nice letter...

sstrams189November 15, 2022 04:40AM

  Re: Yeah, nice letter...

The_Zone104November 15, 2022 06:35AM

  That would be nice, Zone...

sstrams92November 15, 2022 06:41AM

  Every single pick?

Ramsdude75November 15, 2022 08:33AM

  He was better than Spags and Linehan..

sstrams96November 15, 2022 08:45AM

  OK but one glaring omission

Atlantic Ram178November 15, 2022 06:12AM

  can't block, can't run, can't get to the passer

LMU93114November 15, 2022 06:35AM

  great points nm

21Dog74November 15, 2022 08:07AM


Arkansas Ram84November 15, 2022 08:12AM

  Re: OK but one glaring omission

ramBRO111November 15, 2022 06:38AM


JimYoungblood5366November 15, 2022 11:51AM

  Re: OK but one glaring omission

Crazylegs64November 15, 2022 12:05PM

  One omission…

LaloRam93November 15, 2022 07:17AM

  Defensive Money allocation and Defensive Philosophy

darams222143November 15, 2022 08:59AM

  Good post, and I'll add to that

BigGame81121November 15, 2022 09:09AM

  You're not wrong 222

Ramsdude112November 15, 2022 09:14AM

  Not right

JimYoungblood5368November 15, 2022 12:24PM


Ramsdude124November 15, 2022 12:48PM

  It does mean I am right

JimYoungblood5352November 15, 2022 01:26PM

  According to you...you are always right when it comes to Morris

Ramsdude66November 15, 2022 01:40PM

  Re: BS

ramBRO114November 15, 2022 01:32PM

  I think you nailed it

JimYoungblood5372November 15, 2022 01:45PM

  Re: BS

Ramsdude107November 15, 2022 01:47PM

  all of this magnified x1000 by insane amount of injuries

Rampage2K-83November 15, 2022 09:13AM