September 28, 2022 07:21AM
Hazlet Hacksaw
I bet he told Debo there were two games a year they need him to run the alot. Both Rams games....

Fair enough.

But I hope both Shanny and Deebo understand that Bobby Wagner is not Troy Reeder and that Ernest Jones carries a little more ass in run support than Taylor Rapp.


Hazlet Hacksaw425September 28, 2022 06:51AM

  ..and he's gonna be fired up..

sstrams161September 28, 2022 07:02AM

  Agreed... and that SHOULD be enough to fire up McVay

RAMbler136September 28, 2022 07:24AM

  Re: ..and he's gonna be fired up..

Classicalwit98September 28, 2022 05:32PM

  Re: Shanny

ramBRO144September 28, 2022 07:21AM

  No, I hope they DON'T understand that...

mtramfan116September 28, 2022 06:32PM


Stafford992September 28, 2022 02:00PM

  Re: lol

BerendsenRam91September 28, 2022 02:02PM

  as long as he doesn't try to run across the middle

Rampage2K-94September 28, 2022 02:23PM

  Re: Shanny

flaramfan80September 29, 2022 09:18AM

  Re: Shanny

george_allen75September 29, 2022 05:21PM

  Shanny, to me, means you have to play football...

JamesJM73September 29, 2022 05:27PM