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..and he's gonna be fired up..

September 28, 2022 07:02AM
to avenge the Championship game loss.. the one he was crying after..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..



Hazlet Hacksaw439September 28, 2022 06:51AM

  ..and he's gonna be fired up..

sstrams265September 28, 2022 07:02AM

  Agreed... and that SHOULD be enough to fire up McVay

RAMbler148September 28, 2022 07:24AM

  Re: ..and he's gonna be fired up..

Classicalwit225September 28, 2022 05:32PM

  Re: Shanny

ramBRO154September 28, 2022 07:21AM

  No, I hope they DON'T understand that...

mtramfan227September 28, 2022 06:32PM


Stafford999September 28, 2022 02:00PM

  Re: lol

BerendsenRam95September 28, 2022 02:02PM

  as long as he doesn't try to run across the middle again....lol

Rampage2K-116September 28, 2022 02:23PM

  Re: Shanny

flaramfan112September 29, 2022 09:18AM

  Re: Shanny

george_allen148September 29, 2022 05:21PM

  Shanny, to me, means you have to play football...

JamesJM98September 29, 2022 05:27PM