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Re: Getting your mind right....

July 20, 2021 01:28PM
What exactly is this injury? What grade? Does he need surgery? Why do they predict a year to come back? Where is the info? Which doctor is treating him? Where is the interview with that doctor? WTH!

  Cam Akers in great spirits, will be ‘back better than ever in no time’

BerendsenRam161July 20, 2021 12:31PM

  Getting your mind right....

roman1853July 20, 2021 01:13PM

  Re: Getting your mind right....

SoCalRAMatic33July 20, 2021 01:28PM

  Re: Getting your mind right....

socalmab24July 20, 2021 07:07PM

  A tear and a rupture are the same thing

RamUK22July 21, 2021 04:22AM

  Long and winding recovery

HornsUpRamily!32July 20, 2021 07:15PM

  LOL I read the title of your reply in the voice of the Cool Hand Luke Warden! LOL nm

Ramgator20July 21, 2021 04:04AM