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You're completely wrong Classical!

April 07, 2021 03:15PM
You know what it is? Most people don't know how to construct arguments anymore; they only argue from assertion. I mean they don't understand most of the time why, or how something is contradictory!

You're asserting that most people are so stupid that they can't see or realize a contradictory statement! Or, is it a case of situational blindness? We probably all have friends who are of average intelligence normally but they fail to think clearly about particular subjects be it sports, religion, politics, etc. Usually something they are passionate about. At other times it's a case of ego; many people have a hard time admitting they are wrong about something.

Now, please forgive me Classical, as I am only posting this for a laugh. I am very bored of the endless Goff-Stafford-McVay-draft offseason post discussions, and I posted this hoping you'd get a laugh out of it.

I also had a good and dear friend who became so irrational, so offensive, so vulgar towards others who disagreed with him politically, that he ended up losing several almost lifelong friends, myself included. So in truth I totally get, and understand, what you are saying.

  Something has changed

BumRap741April 06, 2021 04:19PM

  Re: Something has changed

Classicalwit155April 06, 2021 07:45PM

  To your point,, Lombardi did same thing

BumRap120April 06, 2021 08:50PM

  Critical thinking

waterfield49April 07, 2021 09:34AM

  You're completely wrong Classical!

Coy Bacon42April 07, 2021 03:15PM

  Re: You're completely wrong Classical!

Classicalwit33April 07, 2021 03:47PM

  Re: You're completely wrong Classical!

Coy Bacon27April 08, 2021 04:34AM

  The thing that worries me most

RamUK7April 08, 2021 09:18PM

  Re: Something has changed

PHDram91April 07, 2021 02:58AM

  Re: Something has changed

VANRAM12April 08, 2021 06:50PM

  I don't think anything's changed

Ram_Ruler68April 07, 2021 05:37AM

  Re: Has it really?

dzrams48April 07, 2021 08:54AM

  Re: Has it really?

Rampage2K-38April 07, 2021 10:02AM

  Re: Has it really?

dzrams33April 07, 2021 11:04AM

  The answer might cause division

Ram4932April 07, 2021 11:25AM

  Successful QBs have gone to poor teams and not done well

RockRam48April 07, 2021 11:37AM

  Re: Successful QBs have gone to poor teams and not done well

Classicalwit38April 07, 2021 12:57PM

  You lost me. I'm missing your point.

RockRam35April 07, 2021 01:51PM

  Re: Successful QBs have gone to poor teams and not done well

dzrams30April 07, 2021 02:03PM

  Re: Successful QBs have gone to poor teams and not done well

merlin24April 08, 2021 04:49AM