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Re: A couple draft thoughts

April 02, 2024 12:21PM

A. So I see a lot of posters and experts doing mocks having Rams trading back accumulating more picks ....I get that in the sense that Snead/McVay era has shown that they have done so in the past and seem to have a good track record of finding that "diamond" in the rough in the in later rds... so all makes sense..
Thinking out loud or I guess my question is in a draft that we already have 11 picks do we want more? How many picks do we want 13-15 seems wild that's a quarter of a roster big turnover and even though semi cheap those are all guys that you need to get under contract? The way I see it if ever was a draft the Rams might stand still or package picks to move up in certain rds this would be it .... I could totally see a couple of the 3rd rd comp picks being used to trade up ?

This might be a draft where the Rams trade down at the top of the draft if they can still get their guy while accumulating extra picks, then package some lower round picks to move up in the draft so they can get some targeted 4th and 5th round guys.

I don't see 11 rookies making this team let alone 13-15. But the strategy of using lower picks to move up on day 3 makes sense to me - don't increase the number of rookies ... increase the quality.


So to my point I'd be super bummed if we used 19 or traded up to draft QB rd 1
Not because of the fact that I like most see glaring need at edge or DT ... but because to me it would indicate that Stafford has had that same conversation with management "hey this is the last rodeo" or at most 2 seasons ...because then the QB pick makes all the sense in the world

My take: If Stafford told McVay that he only had 1 or 2 years left the Rams would move heaven and Earth to win a SB in '24 or '25. Drafting a QB won't help them do that. Sure, if the guy develops he might help the Rams win a SB down the road, but the only SB title up for grabs right now is the one on Feb 9, 2025. The Rams, IMO, will do things to help themselve win it.


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  A couple draft thoughts

Headslap75256April 02, 2024 08:43AM

  I also have this thought of McVay...

OzRam79April 02, 2024 10:53AM

  Re: A couple draft thoughts

AlbaNY_Ram70April 02, 2024 12:21PM

  Largely agree. And let's not forget UDFAs and Vets

RockRam51April 02, 2024 12:37PM