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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFootballFans.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Is Higbee out tonight? nm

Saguaro35008/20/2016 06:16PM


Hazlet Hacksaw26808/20/2016 06:17PM

  Hemingway good looking athlete

Speed_Kills37908/20/2016 06:12PM

  Re: Quick another drop WTF nm

Speed_Kills22408/20/2016 06:13PM

  so long Quick

Hazlet Hacksaw24208/20/2016 06:15PM

  Re: He's gotta catch that smh nm

Speed_Kills21608/20/2016 06:16PM

  Get Quick out of there and let's see some other receivers! nm.

Saguaro22208/20/2016 06:15PM

  He's just not getting it...

Guard23708/20/2016 06:15PM

  Re: He's just not getting it... DITTO NM

Florida_Ram24808/20/2016 06:16PM

  Re: Quick another drop WTF nm

six2stack22308/20/2016 06:16PM

  High pass, but Quick had it in his hands.

Saguaro38808/20/2016 06:14PM

  Re: High pass, but Quick has the same issues

Florida_Ram23308/20/2016 06:15PM

  Quick with a big drop

Cornelius28108/20/2016 06:15PM

  Goff sacked and fumbles out of bounds. Throw the ball, kid!

Saguaro50308/20/2016 05:15PM

  Re: Goff sacked and fumbles out of bounds. Throw the ball, kid!

six2stack30708/20/2016 05:16PM

  Small hands

IowaRam26808/20/2016 05:16PM

  Are the footballs bigger in the NFL? nm

ArizonaRamFan32708/20/2016 05:17PM

  Re: Are the footballs bigger in the NFL? nm

six2stack26808/20/2016 05:18PM

  I heard some have less air in them though...............nm

IowaRam25508/20/2016 05:19PM

  Right now, it appears that some balls aren't big enough. nm

Saguaro28808/20/2016 06:09PM

  Re: well played sir nm

Speed_Kills24308/20/2016 06:15PM

  I knew it when he started doing those Burger King commercials...

Guard31208/20/2016 05:25PM

  I'm concerned.

Ramgator30908/20/2016 05:19PM

  This OL looks horrible (nm)

dzrams31708/20/2016 06:15PM

  Quick always looks surprised

Hazlet Hacksaw32708/20/2016 06:14PM

  never quite got there mentally .nm

ArizonaRamFan22508/20/2016 06:15PM

  This isn't a game...

ArizonaRamFan39908/20/2016 06:09PM

  The game has lost all of it's excitement...

Guard22308/20/2016 06:11PM

  A nice throw by goff there yessss... get it rolling nm

ArizonaRamFan21608/20/2016 06:12PM

  Penalty, injury, penalty, injury, penalty. nm

Saguaro21808/20/2016 06:13PM

  Running game no longer helping. nm

Saguaro33508/20/2016 06:13PM

  Goff with a long completion to a receiver that KC forgot about.

Saguaro39308/20/2016 06:12PM

  Ethan looks seriously injured now

ArizonaRamFan40608/20/2016 06:04PM

  Re: he's good walked off nm

Speed_Kills25308/20/2016 06:06PM

  Re: he's good walked off nm Whewww NM

Florida_Ram24008/20/2016 06:08PM

  left thigh contusion will stay in

Hazlet Hacksaw27908/20/2016 06:09PM

  Thigh Bruise. That's it NM

Ram Fan Teacher25508/20/2016 06:09PM

  Goff still in?

napoli40208/20/2016 05:59PM

  Yes and 3 and out. nm.

Saguaro22008/20/2016 05:59PM

  Yeah, just threw incomplete for a 3 and out... (nm)

Guard24308/20/2016 05:59PM

  shoulda been picked

Hazlet Hacksaw25608/20/2016 06:02PM

  Re: Goff still in? Ball up Goff damn it!

Florida_Ram23408/20/2016 06:02PM

  Leave him in, let him settle

ArizonaRamFan22508/20/2016 06:08PM

  Stupid KC people gabbing about their own personalities and shirts..

Saguaro38208/20/2016 06:03PM

  Re:Really getting annoying

embraceable_ewe8325208/20/2016 06:07PM

  Another Ram down hard, but KC announcers gabbing on and laughing.

Saguaro36508/20/2016 06:04PM

  Like gossiping schoolgirls during a college lecture. nm

ArizonaRamFan19908/20/2016 06:05PM

  NFL was chatting up Kevin Demoff at the time, but...

Guard20808/20/2016 06:06PM

  C'mon Goff

Florida_Ram37108/20/2016 06:06PM

  Dang... Kevin Demoff looks disappointed

Speed_Kills38708/20/2016 06:05PM

  NFL Network Just Said..

Ram Fan Teacher50208/20/2016 05:53PM

  Re: no they don't

Speed_Kills28608/20/2016 05:54PM

  Re: no they don't

Ram Fan Teacher26908/20/2016 05:56PM

  Re: no they don't

Speed_Kills33308/20/2016 06:01PM

  Re: no they don't

Ram Fan Teacher25608/20/2016 06:03PM

  heard them mention his name, but didn't quite hear that's what they said...

Guard29808/20/2016 05:55PM

  The halftime crew also said....

sacram31208/20/2016 06:03PM

  Westbrooks down

Hazlet Hacksaw43208/20/2016 06:03PM

  Troy Hill showing up to play...

Guard33808/20/2016 05:36PM

  Yes, I noticed that. nm

Saguaro19508/20/2016 05:36PM

  And there's Troy Hill again....

Guard19308/20/2016 06:03PM

  Marquez appears to be hurt pretty bad

ArizonaRamFan36508/20/2016 05:57PM

  Re: Marquez appears to be hurt pretty bad

Florida_Ram23308/20/2016 05:57PM


Saguaro22708/20/2016 05:59PM

  Sad but true... same for the DB's

Guard21308/20/2016 06:01PM

  Man, I just really hate to see that...

Guard21408/20/2016 05:59PM

  Re: Man, I just really hate to see that...

Florida_Ram23008/20/2016 06:00PM

  Goff 2 series and two fumbles

Speed_Kills43308/20/2016 05:16PM

  Totally agree, let him sink or swim

ArizonaRamFan24708/20/2016 05:18PM

  Wasn't a fumble

Suh-weet!25508/20/2016 05:29PM

  he needs to play

Hazlet Hacksaw29308/20/2016 05:24PM

  Yes, agree. He's going to need those reps.

ArizonaRamFan24408/20/2016 05:26PM

  Re: correct

Speed_Kills28508/20/2016 05:41PM

  Very disappointed. nm

Saguaro22808/20/2016 05:42PM

  Re: Goff 2 series and two fumbles. He needs snaps

Florida_Ram24808/20/2016 05:54PM

  Re: Goff 2 series and two fumbles. He needs snaps

Speed_Kills22608/20/2016 05:58PM

  Marquez hurt and vocalizing! nm.

Saguaro29108/20/2016 05:57PM

  Those first two drives are like a different game.

ArizonaRamFan38608/20/2016 05:34PM

  Wow, and all of a sudden it's a Flag-fest...

Guard28408/20/2016 05:38PM

  lol, I have feeling we're going to have a lot of "fun" with that phrase this season. nm

Saguaro25408/20/2016 05:40PM

  Oh, you know it! (nm)

Guard24208/20/2016 05:46PM

  Re: unfortunately

Speed_Kills22808/20/2016 05:50PM

  Let's just hope it doesn't turn into...

Saguaro21508/20/2016 05:51PM

  Why kick the field goal?

Hazlet Hacksaw32008/20/2016 05:44PM

  PI on C Bryant and KC gets a fresh set of downs at the 1/2 line.

Saguaro28508/20/2016 05:37PM

  Only not really because of time, they settle for a kick on 2nd down. nm

Saguaro20108/20/2016 05:39PM

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