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Never did it...

July 09, 2018 02:42PM
but I think it's probably the one 'thrill' type activity I'd like to do the most... and would probably enjoy the most.

For me the most 'heart pumping' activity I ever did was bungy jumping. I don't know why but standing on the edge of a bungy jump (whatever you're standing on) is MUCH more anxiety inducing than sitting at the door of a plane waiting to jump.

Sky Diving... I'm that 'weirdo' that actually enjoys the jump MORE after the chute opens than the free fall. I have a theory as to why that is: The exhilarating moments of any 'thrill' activity.... free fall, the big drop on a roller coaster, etc. dulls somewhat if you've done it enough, which I have. It's no longer 'new'.

I've been on several of those giant "Swings".... the biggest was in Vegas....want to say it was just under 200' tall. Loved it... and still do.... but it's not the initial drop anymore, (it was), it's simply the 'swinging'.

I love acceleration G's.... but I've done most of activities a 'civilian' can participate in and would love to take the next step but I don't know of anything that allows that... unless you get a ride with the Blue Angels you're pretty much stuck with roller coasters.

I have experienced G Force 'grey out'... which is when you don't lose consciousness but you can't respond... that is 'move'... you're inert. This happened in a T-6 my friend flew in the air races. Not sure how many G's you pull in the turns but it's significant. I remember being amazed that the wings can stay attached. - JamesJM

  FINALLY going parasailing this week!

Ramgator83July 08, 2018 04:43PM

  Done it once..

sstrams30July 09, 2018 03:08AM

  LOL My Wife reads me like a book.

Ramgator29July 09, 2018 03:20AM

  I did a parachute jump out by the Space Center

RamUK34July 09, 2018 09:42AM

  Never did it...

JamesJM41July 09, 2018 02:42PM

  Holy crap Jimmy

RamUK26July 10, 2018 07:51AM

  A funny storry about Fokker's

RamUK27July 10, 2018 07:59AM


IowaRam25July 10, 2018 08:05AM

  Flipping hilarious. LOL (nm)

JamesJM23July 10, 2018 08:12AM

  they have it in Maui

ferragamo7944July 09, 2018 07:14PM

  Have never done either

IowaRam29July 10, 2018 08:00AM

  Just reading this thread is making my knees feel a little weak...

RAMbler29July 10, 2018 10:01AM

  Interesting thing about heights....

JamesJM27July 10, 2018 10:09AM

  Another funny story

RamUK25July 10, 2018 10:54AM

  Had to be Tioga Pass, right?

JamesJM29July 10, 2018 12:27PM

  No, it was a different time Jimmy

RamUK24July 10, 2018 02:07PM

  re. our old friend Bradley

21Dog28July 11, 2018 08:33AM

  You'd love the Virtual Reality course.. Attachments

sstrams26July 10, 2018 11:01AM

  You reminded me of a story... (of course)...

JamesJM28July 10, 2018 12:42PM

  I want to do that!

RamUK28July 10, 2018 02:11PM

  Its pretty freakin' cool, UK...

sstrams25July 10, 2018 02:29PM

  I'm on it!

RamUK26July 10, 2018 02:33PM

  Hey I'll hook ya up..

sstrams26July 10, 2018 02:36PM

  Bummer I'm on a Mac

RamUK26July 10, 2018 02:52PM

  Yes, it will work...

JamesJM28July 10, 2018 03:01PM

  I meant to say

RamUK43July 10, 2018 03:07PM

  Yeah, if yours is newer..

sstrams24July 11, 2018 04:02AM

  Well, am referring to the..

sstrams24July 11, 2018 04:00AM

  Funny thing about Thunderbolt...

JamesJM31July 11, 2018 07:29AM

  I like the thought of SSD drives..

sstrams25July 11, 2018 07:56AM

  Did it yesterday! It was a LOT of fun!

Ramgator29July 11, 2018 03:51AM

  Did the rough seas..

sstrams27July 11, 2018 04:03AM