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LOL... wow...

August 11, 2016 09:17AM
you are in a bad place, the copying Phelps thing, but I think you're making the right decision.

I have no idea if cupping works... in the end I guess that if you really 'believe' it does then that's good. - JamesJM

  Ladies Gymnasts and Goff...

JamesJM412August 09, 2016 08:35PM

  The cold war returns to the Olympics...

JamesJM286August 09, 2016 09:51PM

  Re: The cold war returns to the Olympics...

waterfield271August 09, 2016 10:21PM

  Wasn't women figure skaters the same way

IowaRam262August 10, 2016 03:13PM

  Katarina Witt

IowaRam1523August 10, 2016 03:17PM

  My Olympic Training

IowaRam237August 11, 2016 08:01AM

  I have to watch the "Beam"

JamesJM217August 10, 2016 03:39PM

  Re: I have to watch the "Beam"

IowaRam233August 10, 2016 04:00PM

  Oh man, that hurts...

sstrams276August 11, 2016 08:03AM

  I'm struggling with the Olympics this time

LesBaker235August 11, 2016 07:58AM

  You and Ramgator...

JamesJM236August 11, 2016 08:58AM

  I heard about cupping years ago..

sstrams242August 11, 2016 09:02AM

  LOL... wow...

JamesJM213August 11, 2016 09:17AM


sstrams217August 11, 2016 09:41AM

  Maybe I'm jaded

LesBaker223August 11, 2016 12:37PM

  In Cycling I don't doubt it..

JamesJM235August 11, 2016 02:05PM

  Yes the paintball "athletes" are probably clean

LesBaker249August 11, 2016 05:02PM