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Ladies Gymnasts and Goff...

August 09, 2016 08:35PM
If you read the main board, and I hope you do, you have read it - "It's to early to draw any conclusions". Every registered user on the Herd Board has posted that regarding Goff. Of course, there is no one on the board to 'warn' about that because they're all posting the same thing. The 'warnings' are actually not meant for others but for those posting the caution.

So I thought about that before posting this message... and my first thought was to do the same.... NOT for you, if you're watching you're as aware as me, but to temper myself - - - - and then, I put caution aside... it's not too early...

This is the greatest group of lady gymnasts I have ever seen. Goes without saying they could crumble... but even if that happened, God forbid... I will maintain the belief that these are the greatest lady gymnasts we've ever seen... and not just from the USA but from the World.

I knew next to nothing about "Madison" when she took to the uneven bars this evening and she brought me to my feet in applause... her performance was so incredible it didn't seem real. And did you see the height Simone got on her vault? It was other-worldly.

I am in awe of every single one of them. - JamesJM

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  Ladies Gymnasts and Goff...

JamesJM411August 09, 2016 08:35PM

  The cold war returns to the Olympics...

JamesJM286August 09, 2016 09:51PM

  Re: The cold war returns to the Olympics...

waterfield271August 09, 2016 10:21PM

  Wasn't women figure skaters the same way

IowaRam262August 10, 2016 03:13PM

  Katarina Witt

IowaRam1523August 10, 2016 03:17PM

  My Olympic Training

IowaRam237August 11, 2016 08:01AM

  I have to watch the "Beam"

JamesJM217August 10, 2016 03:39PM

  Re: I have to watch the "Beam"

IowaRam233August 10, 2016 04:00PM

  Oh man, that hurts...

sstrams276August 11, 2016 08:03AM

  I'm struggling with the Olympics this time

LesBaker235August 11, 2016 07:58AM

  You and Ramgator...

JamesJM236August 11, 2016 08:58AM

  I heard about cupping years ago..

sstrams242August 11, 2016 09:02AM

  LOL... wow...

JamesJM213August 11, 2016 09:17AM


sstrams217August 11, 2016 09:41AM

  Maybe I'm jaded

LesBaker223August 11, 2016 12:37PM

  In Cycling I don't doubt it..

JamesJM235August 11, 2016 02:05PM

  Yes the paintball "athletes" are probably clean

LesBaker249August 11, 2016 05:02PM