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Re: Precisely RFL...NM

August 09, 2017 11:25AM
They are question marks. They COULD go either way. There are indicators that point toward capability.

I think the original post was in essence correct. I think I would say that several of these guys COULD WELL BE weapons rather than decisively claiming it. (I doubt Tavon will ever be a real weapon.) But what I read in the post is something I agree with.

Teams can be very productive and successful with capable guys who are not obvious, transcendent talents. Good OCs can effectively use good but not great players as weapons. Look at what NE did with Amendola.

I despair of the league-wide conversation about WRs. For the 137th time, you don't have to have a speed-burner to "take the top off" a defense. Effective "vertical" passing games DO NOT have to bomb away with 35 yard throws. Throw effectively and consistently from 10 to 20 yards, and you will distress a defense and, as Kupp (I think) put it recently, set it up to burn it. You DO NOT need world class speedster WRs for this.

You do need guys who read defenses, run routes, and catch the ball. Woods already does this. Kupp certainly looks as though he can. To look at those 2 guys and try to say we can't "go vertical" because we lack the burner is, IMO, ridiculous. Kupp may not be what we hope, but it won't be because he isn't fast enough to run past DBs.

The general point opening the thread is spot on. Far too many pundits want to decide what a unit can do on the basis of possession of Top 5 talent. But good OCs and DCs every year get great production from capable guys. There is so much a good OC can do with solid pros, not necessarily superstars, at WR/TE, QB, and OL, and even, these days, sub-standard RBs.

I am a little less certain about most of our "weapons," but to me the spirit of the post is spot on.


  I disagree with Vinny and some fans.....

laram1395August 08, 2017 05:17PM

  Well said.. very well said...

JamesJM258August 08, 2017 05:24PM

  Re:Take a look at this Jimmy..

laram208August 09, 2017 04:43AM

  Too much youth at wr imo

RFIP228August 08, 2017 05:33PM

  Some WR's are born old...

JamesJM227August 08, 2017 05:36PM

  Re:Look around the league..

laram245August 08, 2017 05:43PM

  You might want to tell that to...

RFIP178August 09, 2017 02:05AM

  I agree with Vinnie

droopy238August 08, 2017 06:12PM

  We got 1 guy who runs under 4.5 and he can't run routes

max161August 09, 2017 04:06AM

  The 2016 Patriots

RamFanEsq169August 09, 2017 04:16AM

  X factor

RFIP171August 09, 2017 04:25AM

  Yup. All we need is GOAT QB and we're fine

max179August 09, 2017 04:30AM


RamFanEsq149August 09, 2017 05:08AM

  Re: I disagree with Vinny and some fans.....

Rams43200August 08, 2017 06:13PM

  Re: No doubt about it

merlin178August 08, 2017 06:56PM

  I hope so

NewMexicoRam143August 08, 2017 07:02PM

  Whoever you are, stop hacking laram's login!

Saguaro204August 08, 2017 07:13PM

  Re: Whoever you are, stop hacking laram's login!

Rampage2K-179August 08, 2017 07:42PM

  Re: Yeah...

dzrams164August 08, 2017 08:13PM

  Re: The style and outlook of the team has also changed...NM

laram130August 09, 2017 04:27AM

  Well, I always said...

Saguaro179August 09, 2017 05:15AM

  I agree

zn188August 08, 2017 08:13PM

  Re: I agree

Killrazor187August 09, 2017 12:59AM

  Re: I agree

zn191August 09, 2017 01:15AM

  Offense has tremendously underachieved

Rams_81178August 09, 2017 01:43AM

  Yep. The offense has some pieces, but it also had some under Fisher

RockRam186August 09, 2017 02:25AM


RFIP183August 09, 2017 02:30AM

  Yeah, well, certainly so on the QB.....not on the TE

RockRam152August 09, 2017 02:42AM

  It's not even debatable

RFIP161August 09, 2017 03:00AM

  Re: NE

Rams43154August 09, 2017 05:10AM

  I concur

RFIP166August 09, 2017 05:17AM

  Re: if Goff...

Speed_Kills175August 09, 2017 02:42AM

  its all relative though.....

wv ram170August 09, 2017 02:48AM

  Now THAT is a good question.

RockRam190August 09, 2017 03:04AM

  Re: its all relative though.....

max148August 09, 2017 04:47AM

  Re: its all relative though? well yes and no

zn199August 09, 2017 09:16AM

  The Rams should have had 4 more wins......

Crazylegs151August 09, 2017 03:54AM

  Yes but

RFIP170August 09, 2017 04:03AM

  Rams need "chain movers that can extend drives"

LMU93184August 09, 2017 04:48AM

  great point nm

21Dog152August 09, 2017 05:20AM

  Re: Rams need "chain movers that can extend drives"

CraigMatson151August 09, 2017 08:48AM

  None of the "weapons" you listed are proven quantities.

rambleon180August 09, 2017 08:11AM

  All of these weapons have huge question marks

TonyHunter87173August 09, 2017 10:06AM

  True. But I think that's the point.

RFL218August 09, 2017 10:50AM

  Re: Precisely RFL...NM

laram157August 09, 2017 11:25AM


wv ram158August 09, 2017 12:27PM

  That, too!

RFL175August 09, 2017 12:34PM

  Re: True. But I think that's the point. Double "Ditto" RFL

Florida_Ram220August 09, 2017 02:27PM

  Yes they are weapons

no name158August 09, 2017 02:10PM

  interesting analogy nm

21Dog147August 09, 2017 03:17PM

  Re: I disagree with Vinny and some fans.....

Classicalwit141August 09, 2017 04:40PM

  Re: I disagree with Vinny and some fans.....

zn157August 09, 2017 05:11PM

  I disagree with Vinny and some fans.. "weapons" Bump

Florida_Ram161November 14, 2017 05:28PM