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Re: its all relative though? well yes and no

August 09, 2017 09:16AM
wv ram
How do the Rams 'weapons' compare to the 49ers/Cardinals/Seahawks weapons?


That's not necessarily the determining factor.

You don't need more recognizable namebrand weapons to beat those teams. For example, in the last 2 years the Rams are 3-1 against Seattle. They're also 2-2 against ARZ. And that was with these qbs: Foles, Keenum. (The greenman Goff has not beaten them yet.) That's 5-3 against just those 2 teams, with no qb and no running game in 2016 on top of it.

For some reason they floundered against SF, but it wasn't because of SF's "weapons."

But in any event, what do the Rams need to do to have more offense than they did last year?

* for the 2nd year Goff to be more productive than he was as a lost rookie
* for the combination of Woods and Kupp to provide as much or more production than the combination of Britt and Quick
* for a line with Whitworth at LOT to be better than a line with GR at LOT
* for Gurley to return to his 2015 form as an explosive, decisive runner who gets yards after contact
* for Tavon at a minimum to do what he did in 2016, which wasn't much, but ideally for him to return to his 2015 level of production (ie. I am saying that at worst he doesn;t hurt and at best he adds something)

I think ALL of those things are possible. For example, and it's just one example, in Buffalo Woods was far less productive when Watkins was healthy. That had nothing to do with Woods, that was just the Bills featuring Watkins. When Watkins was out for several games, though, Woods's production soared. He stepped up and played like (my definition of) a #1 WR. Not an elite guy, but plenty dependable.

I think all of those things are possible. Either way the Rams have proven over the years that they don't need to match ARZ and Seattle in terms of weapons to beat them. They never have but they are nevertheless competitive against those guys. It would also help if they got over the SF jinx.

And this much is gravy:

* for one or more of the following to offer more in year 2 than they did as rookies, and/or come through as rookies: Higbee, Williams, Cooper, Thomas, Everett, Spruce, Rogers, and maybe McRoberts (I think Reynolds will be the straggler this year so I don't list him here).


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  I disagree with Vinny and some fans.....

laram1423August 08, 2017 05:17PM

  Well said.. very well said...

JamesJM268August 08, 2017 05:24PM

  Re:Take a look at this Jimmy..

laram225August 09, 2017 04:43AM

  Too much youth at wr imo

RFIP249August 08, 2017 05:33PM

  Some WR's are born old...

JamesJM238August 08, 2017 05:36PM

  Re:Look around the league..

laram261August 08, 2017 05:43PM

  You might want to tell that to...

RFIP190August 09, 2017 02:05AM

  I agree with Vinnie

droopy250August 08, 2017 06:12PM

  We got 1 guy who runs under 4.5 and he can't run routes

max171August 09, 2017 04:06AM

  The 2016 Patriots

RamFanEsq187August 09, 2017 04:16AM

  X factor

RFIP182August 09, 2017 04:25AM

  Yup. All we need is GOAT QB and we're fine

max202August 09, 2017 04:30AM


RamFanEsq155August 09, 2017 05:08AM

  Re: I disagree with Vinny and some fans.....

Rams43212August 08, 2017 06:13PM

  Re: No doubt about it

merlin188August 08, 2017 06:56PM

  I hope so

NewMexicoRam151August 08, 2017 07:02PM

  Whoever you are, stop hacking laram's login!

Saguaro228August 08, 2017 07:13PM

  Re: Whoever you are, stop hacking laram's login!

Rampage2K-190August 08, 2017 07:42PM

  Re: Yeah...

dzrams180August 08, 2017 08:13PM

  Re: The style and outlook of the team has also changed...NM

laram140August 09, 2017 04:27AM

  Well, I always said...

Saguaro190August 09, 2017 05:15AM

  I agree

zn197August 08, 2017 08:13PM

  Re: I agree

Killrazor202August 09, 2017 12:59AM

  Re: I agree

zn210August 09, 2017 01:15AM

  Offense has tremendously underachieved

Rams_81187August 09, 2017 01:43AM

  Yep. The offense has some pieces, but it also had some under Fisher

RockRam206August 09, 2017 02:25AM


RFIP201August 09, 2017 02:30AM

  Yeah, well, certainly so on the QB.....not on the TE

RockRam189August 09, 2017 02:42AM

  It's not even debatable

RFIP173August 09, 2017 03:00AM

  Re: NE

Rams43166August 09, 2017 05:10AM

  I concur

RFIP180August 09, 2017 05:17AM

  Re: if Goff...

Speed_Kills185August 09, 2017 02:42AM

  its all relative though.....

wv ram181August 09, 2017 02:48AM

  Now THAT is a good question.

RockRam203August 09, 2017 03:04AM

  Re: its all relative though.....

max161August 09, 2017 04:47AM

  Re: its all relative though? well yes and no

zn221August 09, 2017 09:16AM

  The Rams should have had 4 more wins......

Crazylegs164August 09, 2017 03:54AM

  Yes but

RFIP189August 09, 2017 04:03AM

  Rams need "chain movers that can extend drives"

LMU93220August 09, 2017 04:48AM

  great point nm

21Dog170August 09, 2017 05:20AM

  Re: Rams need "chain movers that can extend drives"

CraigMatson163August 09, 2017 08:48AM

  None of the "weapons" you listed are proven quantities.

rambleon200August 09, 2017 08:11AM

  All of these weapons have huge question marks

TonyHunter87210August 09, 2017 10:06AM

  True. But I think that's the point.

RFL239August 09, 2017 10:50AM

  Re: Precisely RFL...NM

laram179August 09, 2017 11:25AM


wv ram196August 09, 2017 12:27PM

  That, too!

RFL190August 09, 2017 12:34PM

  Re: True. But I think that's the point. Double "Ditto" RFL

Florida_Ram237August 09, 2017 02:27PM

  Yes they are weapons

no name172August 09, 2017 02:10PM

  interesting analogy nm

21Dog165August 09, 2017 03:17PM

  Re: I disagree with Vinny and some fans.....

Classicalwit161August 09, 2017 04:40PM

  Re: I disagree with Vinny and some fans.....

zn170August 09, 2017 05:11PM

  I disagree with Vinny and some fans.. "weapons" Bump

Florida_Ram178November 14, 2017 05:28PM