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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Good god Tree

Ram4911510/15/2017 11:54AM

  That was Tru but I said the same thing.

stlramz5810/15/2017 11:55AM

  Get Rid of These Announcers

RamsFanSince6912110/15/2017 11:50AM

  Dick Stockton the Jag WAAAHS. nm.

stlramz5310/15/2017 11:54AM

  Annoyed that one called the end-around a "reverse" too .nm

ArizonaRamFan4610/15/2017 11:55AM

  1 armed "tackles" drive me nuts .nm

ArizonaRamFan9310/15/2017 11:54AM

  Defense is an embarrassment

Ram4912710/15/2017 11:30AM

  Re: Defense is an embarrassment

CarolinaRam7210/15/2017 11:31AM

  Re: Very unimpressed with this D...

dzrams6410/15/2017 11:32AM

  This aint Ekern, Wilcher, Collins and Owens thats 4 sure

stlramz5310/15/2017 11:33AM

  they're still asleep nm

21Dog4310/15/2017 11:33AM

  Re: Defense is an embarrassment

CarolinaRam5010/15/2017 11:54AM

  Fournette is a freakin' freight train

21Dog11010/15/2017 11:52AM

  Webster saved a big one there ,nm

ArizonaRamFan3910/15/2017 11:53AM

  agree 100%

stlramz5010/15/2017 11:54AM

  Earl Campbell part II

stlramz4210/15/2017 11:53AM

  Gotta calm down and put together

RamsFanSince6910510/15/2017 11:41AM

  Nice Drive

RamsFanSince694410/15/2017 11:48AM

  minor complaint

21Dog5710/15/2017 11:50AM

  Funny 21 you are not a minor nm

ramfan76t3310/15/2017 11:52AM

  not nice to kid the elderly nm

21Dog5110/15/2017 11:53AM

  Blue and Gold

ramfan76t10210/15/2017 11:46AM


Cornelius5610/15/2017 11:48AM

  Re: +1

ramfan76t4410/15/2017 11:50AM

  Yes. Fires not near us- thankfully.

Cornelius5710/15/2017 11:52AM

  Agreed. nm

RAMbler4810/15/2017 11:50AM

  Whitworth: beat twice already

leafnose10410/15/2017 11:35AM


ramfan76t5310/15/2017 11:37AM

  Re: Whitworth: make that 3

leafnose4910/15/2017 11:37AM

  Eyes DO lie. The saying is the "eye in the sky does not lie"

Blue and Gold5610/15/2017 11:51AM

  Re: That was Saffold

RamsFanSince694810/15/2017 11:37AM

  looked like the last one was Saffold nm

21Dog3910/15/2017 11:37AM

  Jims son scores first touchdown nm

ramfan76t9010/15/2017 11:48AM

  I think its Chris's boy

stlramz5810/15/2017 11:50AM

  screw rome hack

ramfan76t4810/15/2017 11:51AM

  Goff has to be better Attachments

Blue and Gold11810/15/2017 11:40AM

  Re: Goff has to be better

Hollywood Ram6610/15/2017 11:41AM

  So? It is his job get get that out

Blue and Gold5610/15/2017 11:42AM

  he just got better

21Dog6710/15/2017 11:47AM

  That? Ehh. But he made 2 excellent throws to get to red zone

Blue and Gold4410/15/2017 11:49AM

  Well he was there thankfully nm

Hazlet Hacksaw3510/15/2017 11:50AM

  GREAT heads-up catch by everett there .nm

ArizonaRamFan8410/15/2017 11:47AM

  Barron snuffed that screen. Wish he did that on the TD screen

Blue and Gold5810/15/2017 11:40AM

  looked like a heat seeking missile. nm.

stlramz3510/15/2017 11:45AM

  goood wood

ramfan76t8210/15/2017 11:41AM

  Jeeeeez maybe we should put tavon back in .nm

ArizonaRamFan5010/15/2017 11:40AM


ramfan76t5210/15/2017 11:39AM

  As embarrassing a first quarter as I

RamUK8810/15/2017 11:37AM

  Re: As embarrassing a first quarter as I

RamUK5310/15/2017 11:38AM

  At this rate we're gonna get blown out..

sstrams7410/15/2017 11:32AM

  Re: At this rate we're gonna get blown out..

Rams435010/15/2017 11:33AM

  no... not yet..

sstrams4010/15/2017 11:37AM

  I think we're gonna need an INT to see the endzone again .nm

ArizonaRamFan4610/15/2017 11:37AM

  We are being outcoached and outplayed, fellas...

Rams4310910/15/2017 11:30AM

  I blame Greg Robinson nm

ramfan76t3810/15/2017 11:31AM

  I blame Jim Haslett. nm.

stlramz3610/15/2017 11:32AM

  Re: We are being outcoached and outplayed, fellas...

Anonymous User5110/15/2017 11:31AM

  How can you tell if it's coaching?

ArizonaRamFan4410/15/2017 11:33AM

  you can't.....it's convenient excuse nm

21Dog3310/15/2017 11:35AM

  Re: We are being outcoached and outplayed, fellas...

MamaRAMa4410/15/2017 11:33AM

  Smart? Slant? Both ILBers wired to blockers Attachments

Blue and Gold14010/15/2017 11:14AM

  Proverbial Hole that a TRUCK can go thru and did. . .sigh.

stlramz4510/15/2017 11:16AM

  Re: LBs all on the line of scrimmage; lot of stress

leafnose4510/15/2017 11:20AM

  Smart slanted. Maybe called, maybe freelance. But he was

Blue and Gold3810/15/2017 11:34AM

  Guys does our D look as bad on the TV

RamUK11310/15/2017 11:29AM

  Re: Guys does our D look as bad on the TV

ramfan76t4910/15/2017 11:29AM

  you better believe it. nm

RAMbler4310/15/2017 11:31AM

  Re: Guys does our D look as bad on the TV

CarolinaRam6910/15/2017 11:33AM

  Barron falls down: Jag TD

leafnose7410/15/2017 11:32AM

  Defense Rams downfall

ferragamo797610/15/2017 11:31AM

  Why have safeties?

Hazlet Hacksaw13310/15/2017 11:13AM

  that was on ogletree nm

ramfan76t4510/15/2017 11:15AM

  Re: You mean the guy they just gave $40M to?...UGH...nm

dzrams4310/15/2017 11:22AM

  Wonder if tavon can play safety ..nm

ramfan76t3510/15/2017 11:24AM

  Re: No. But what about ILB?....nm

dzrams4110/15/2017 11:25AM


ramfan76t3610/15/2017 11:27AM

  Re: Why have safeties?

CarolinaRam4210/15/2017 11:30AM

  Rams tackle ,,,,

ramfan76t6910/15/2017 11:29AM

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