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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  AP has a whopping 21 yards on 11 rushes!

Rams4320710/22/2017 10:58AM

  so much for the AP factor nm

21Dog10910/22/2017 10:58AM

  Pretty impressive...

sstrams11610/22/2017 10:59AM

  he looked like a 43 year old running back today nm

ramfan76t10710/22/2017 10:59AM

  Re: AP has a whopping 21 yards on 11 rushes!

NorCalRamFan10310/23/2017 04:15PM

  Enjoy the Bye Everyone... 5-2 and on the Up!!!

LoboRam28010/22/2017 10:50AM

  Yes sir! 5-2 it is... ..and how sweet it is... nm

sstrams13010/22/2017 10:52AM

  Yup enjoy it all

Speed_Kills11210/22/2017 10:52AM

  Re: Enjoy the Bye Everyone... 5-2 and on the Up!!!

MamaRAMa12810/22/2017 10:52AM

  what a difference......

21Dog12610/22/2017 10:52AM

  Re: congrats on the Dodgers sir :-). Nm

Speed_Kills12110/22/2017 10:53AM

  thanks old friend

21Dog13510/22/2017 10:55AM

  Re: indeed smh nm

Speed_Kills11310/22/2017 10:59AM

  Re: Enjoy the Bye Everyone... 5-2 and on the Up!!!

Axl13610/22/2017 11:01AM

  Re: Enjoy the Bye Everyone... 5-2 and on the Up!!!

CarolinaRam9610/22/2017 11:16AM

  Re: Enjoy the Bye Everyone... 5-2 and on the Up!!!

LoboRam8810/22/2017 11:23AM


sacram9810/22/2017 11:18AM

  Re: Enjoy the Bye Everyone... 5-2 and on the Up!!!

CraigMatson9110/22/2017 01:00PM

  We are looking at a beaten and exhausted Card D, y’all...

Rams4314210/22/2017 11:05AM

  A Shutout Win... SWEET!!

MamaRAMa18610/22/2017 11:04AM

  Yes Ma'am! Congrats everyone....! nm

sstrams6710/22/2017 11:04AM


Speed_Kills15410/22/2017 11:03AM

  Slight chance to hang 40 burger.

ArizonaRamFan12910/22/2017 11:03AM

  Eh nvm, good game! nm

ArizonaRamFan7110/22/2017 11:03AM

  The Look on Arian's Face....

LoboRam33910/22/2017 10:44AM

  Re: The Look on Arian's Face....

MamaRAMa15510/22/2017 10:46AM

  SAME HERE!! nm

Ramgator11410/22/2017 10:50AM

  Re: The Look on Arian's Face....

Barf3313410/22/2017 10:52AM

  That “Who ARE these guys” look?

Rams4313410/22/2017 10:52AM

  Re: The Look on Arian's Face....

MamaRAMa12610/22/2017 11:02AM

  416 total yards on O

NewMexicoRam20510/22/2017 11:01AM

  arians on the phone......

ramfan76t20910/22/2017 11:00AM

  Mannion is in!... nm

MamaRAMa15710/22/2017 10:58AM

  Let Mannion make a few throws though .nm

ArizonaRamFan12010/22/2017 10:58AM

  Stanton's staredowns have earned him 3 batted passes so far .nm

ArizonaRamFan13810/22/2017 10:56AM

  I think they had 3 on Palmer too nm

Speed_Kills9310/22/2017 10:57AM

  Wade Phillips is a Q away from a well-earned shutout .nm

ArizonaRamFan14610/22/2017 10:33AM

  one more drive to put that goosegg in the record books .nm

ArizonaRamFan8910/22/2017 10:50AM

  That was a 19 play drive!

NewMexicoRam20710/22/2017 10:47AM

  Millstone grinding against Zona. Total dominance .nm

ArizonaRamFan10510/22/2017 10:49AM

  10+ Minutes off the clock!!!!

Speed_Kills13210/22/2017 10:49AM

  Correction--20 plays

NewMexicoRam12110/22/2017 10:50AM


MamaRAMa18710/22/2017 10:49AM

  nice blocks by Watkins and Wentworth nm

21Dog11510/22/2017 10:50AM

  Gurley just keeps doing it. No worries for him NOW .nm

ArizonaRamFan14710/22/2017 10:36AM

  Yup all is forgotten nm

Speed_Kills9910/22/2017 10:46AM

  He's great but want him in bench now!

stlramz10710/22/2017 10:48AM

  Re: He's great but want him in bench now!

Rams4311210/22/2017 10:50AM

  Brown taking it the Cards

Speed_Kills17910/22/2017 10:45AM

  Finally they get that to work down there....TD!

Speed_Kills10210/22/2017 10:49AM

  Cards look like us last year NM

ramfan76t18710/22/2017 10:26AM

  Re: Cards look like us last year NM

YorkiePud12110/22/2017 10:28AM

  In penalties, yes, but -

ArizonaRamFan11910/22/2017 10:28AM

  AZ ram fan ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

ramfan76t11710/22/2017 10:30AM

  *waves south* you got it, pahdnah. Enjoy the game .nm

ArizonaRamFan9710/22/2017 10:33AM

  Re no they are better

Speed_Kills11110/22/2017 10:29AM

  Rams in London games have been pathetic

MamaRAMa12410/22/2017 10:31AM

  I wonder if Arians lost his cool when....

NewMexicoRam13710/22/2017 10:41AM

  Knowing Arians, I doubt it

ArizonaRamFan11510/22/2017 10:43AM

  Re: I wonder if Arians lost his cool when....

MamaRAMa12210/22/2017 10:44AM

  Jeff who? Lol.

Rams4311210/22/2017 10:48AM

  Rams on 3rd down, screen for TD! Love watching this team .nm

ArizonaRamFan13810/22/2017 10:48AM


sstrams13310/22/2017 10:48AM

  Honestly, Cards have gotta be just tuckered out...

Rams4316610/22/2017 10:42AM

  Goodness, even Brown is gashing them on play after play...

Rams4310510/22/2017 10:45AM

  Take away Tavon's bonehead PR issues and,

ArizonaRamFan13910/22/2017 10:40AM

  Mannion time

CeeZar14810/22/2017 10:35AM

  Re: Mannion time

CeeZar11510/22/2017 10:36AM

  Look who was lead blocking for Gurley there...

Rams4315510/22/2017 10:36AM

  INT is on Gurley

Ram4930410/22/2017 10:20AM

  I dont see it that way...

jemach13910/22/2017 10:22AM

  Re: Yup. Nm

Speed_Kills10210/22/2017 10:23AM

  Pass a interference

Ram4914010/22/2017 10:23AM

  Re: Yup saw that nm

Speed_Kills10810/22/2017 10:24AM

  There was blame on both guys and McVay

max10510/22/2017 10:35AM

  U were right about him stopping running

stlramz11410/22/2017 10:25AM

  lol whew

Ram4911310/22/2017 10:27AM

  Re: Pass a interference

CarolinaRam12810/22/2017 10:29AM

  Re: INT is on Gurley

ABQRam13910/22/2017 10:22AM

  correct nm

21Dog10610/22/2017 10:23AM

  Re: INT is on Gurley

Rams4312110/22/2017 10:23AM

  Re: INT is on Gurley

YorkiePud12410/22/2017 10:24AM

  just checked the stats they gave it to Goff nm

ramfan76t10210/22/2017 10:23AM

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