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The Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Nice hands grab across the middle by Kendricks. nm

Saguaro3708/20/2016 04:42PM

  Now that's the intensity on defense we expect

Speed_Kills5708/20/2016 04:38PM

  They got booed after that first series

IowaRam2508/20/2016 04:41PM

  Much better, pressure from the front four and a sack. nm

Saguaro4408/20/2016 04:37PM

  You and I...

Guard4408/20/2016 04:39PM

  All good, Guard buddy. This is fun with you! nm.

Saguaro1708/20/2016 04:40PM

  Long PI on KC BECAUSE Keenum can't throw hard enough.

Saguaro7708/20/2016 04:27PM


RAMbler3508/20/2016 04:31PM

  Reminds me of the time Amendola threw to... Gilyard? I think? .nm

ArizonaRamFan2508/20/2016 04:38PM

  Not too worried about the D's poor performance

BeachBoy6508/20/2016 04:35PM

  Much better on that series...

Guard4108/20/2016 04:37PM

  Re: Much better on that series...

BeachBoy3908/20/2016 04:38PM

  Cooper runs 15 yards for a 2 yard gain! good try kid .nm

ArizonaRamFan3508/20/2016 04:37PM

  Well, that was pretty easy...

Guard18708/20/2016 04:18PM

  Re: Well, that was pretty easy...

Rams435308/20/2016 04:20PM

  I've invested in a...

Guard4608/20/2016 04:24PM


IowaRam4108/20/2016 04:33PM

  I thought so too...

Guard4808/20/2016 04:34PM

  Re: I thought so too...

six2stack3808/20/2016 04:37PM

  defense was invisible again nm

joram7208/20/2016 04:20PM

  well that was better d nm

joram1508/20/2016 04:37PM

  The 2nd time Smith has taken a chance on a scramble. in preseason? nm

Saguaro3408/20/2016 04:36PM

  Sims has loooong arms

ArizonaRamFan3408/20/2016 04:36PM

  Geez, I can't watch the game and

JamesJM11308/20/2016 04:13PM

  Re: Geez, I can't watch the game and

Rams433908/20/2016 04:18PM

  I been following on line here

RFIP4408/20/2016 04:19PM

  I'm reporting my view on plays for you, James.

Saguaro3208/20/2016 04:34PM

  Well sometimes bad...

Guard11208/20/2016 04:26PM

  Re: Well sometimes bad...

six2stack3208/20/2016 04:29PM

  Look like the Olympics....

Guard3608/20/2016 04:31PM

  Thought Goff was suppose to start the game?

BeachBoy6708/20/2016 04:30PM

  No, Fisher said he'd get some reps with the ones, not start. nm

Saguaro3108/20/2016 04:30PM

  Re: No, Fisher said he'd get some reps with the ones, not start. nm

BeachBoy2808/20/2016 04:31PM

  Jamon Brown opens a TD lane for Gurley. nm

Saguaro5608/20/2016 04:28PM

  Gurley didn't get the memo, LOL nice job kid .nm

ArizonaRamFan5108/20/2016 04:28PM

  Rams couldn't get off the field on 3rd down.

Saguaro9808/20/2016 04:20PM

  Re: Rams couldn't get off the field on 3rd down.

Rams433508/20/2016 04:23PM

  Not a great tackle by TJ to start... nm

ArizonaRamFan8908/20/2016 04:10PM

  Does Dallas have a QB that's NOT All Pro? (nm)

JamesJM13108/13/2016 05:14PM

  Re: Does Dallas have a QB that's NOT All Pro? (nm)

bigjimram217508/13/2016 09:15PM

  As long as their playing the Rams

IowaRam6408/14/2016 03:16PM

  Everyone get Spruce's gloves

ArizonaRamFan17308/13/2016 05:36PM

  Amazing what catching the ball...

JamesJM7808/13/2016 05:40PM

  Everyone get Spruce's gloves. Found Spruce's GLOVES on ebay

Florida_Ram7408/13/2016 05:47PM

  Re: Everyone get Spruce's gloves

bigjimram215008/13/2016 09:07PM

  Spruce is making a case. mn

ArizonaRamFan18208/13/2016 05:51PM

  Crowd is chanting SPRUUUUUUUCE

ArizonaRamFan9308/13/2016 05:51PM

  I have it figured out...

JamesJM10308/13/2016 05:54PM

  Ouch but yeah

ArizonaRamFan9308/13/2016 05:55PM

  welcome to the 2016 Rams, Spruce

LMU9310008/13/2016 05:56PM

  Re: welcome to the 2016 Rams, Spruce

Florida_Ram8708/13/2016 05:57PM

  Re: welcome to the 2016 Rams, Spruce

bigjimram216908/13/2016 09:04PM

  A possession receiver who actually possesses?

ArizonaRamFan8608/13/2016 05:58PM

  Re: welcome to the 2016 Rams, Spruce

Classicalwit10308/13/2016 05:58PM

  Re: Spruce is making a case. mn

Suh-weet!8108/13/2016 06:03PM

  Re: Spruce is making a case. mn

CROMWELL217708/13/2016 06:07PM

  Re: Spruce is making a case. mn

Suh-weet!7508/13/2016 06:11PM

  Re:Very impressed! nm

embraceable_ewe837708/13/2016 06:15PM

  Ok I'm no longer pissed nm.

embraceable_ewe8317208/13/2016 05:56PM

  LOL. (nm)

JamesJM6908/13/2016 05:57PM

  Okay everyone can come back out to the living room

ArizonaRamFan8508/13/2016 05:57PM

  I'm in my office, watching on my computer...

JamesJM8208/13/2016 05:59PM

  Re: Okay everyone can come back out to the living room

bigjimram215908/13/2016 09:01PM

  Ok I'm no longer pissed. See what deep breaths do embraceable

Florida_Ram10408/13/2016 06:04PM

  Re: Ok I'm no longer pissed. See what deep breaths do embraceable

embraceable_ewe835808/13/2016 06:11PM

  Re: Ok I'm no longer pissed. See what deep breaths do embraceable

Florida_Ram8608/13/2016 06:17PM

  Never doubted 'em...!

sstrams12308/13/2016 06:07PM

  Mannion managed himself with aplomb

ArizonaRamFan6508/13/2016 06:16PM

  He did, didn't he?

sstrams5708/13/2016 06:25PM

  Yeah, that big Spruce catch that faked out the cameraman

ArizonaRamFan5408/13/2016 06:33PM

  Positives and Negatives

droopy14008/13/2016 06:25PM

  To quote Johnny Drama

RamsDynasty13608/13/2016 06:07PM

  ANY win over the Plowboys...

sstrams5708/13/2016 06:08PM

  A win is nice.

Suh-weet!5208/13/2016 06:13PM

  First ever preseason opener win for Fisher

ArizonaRamFan6608/13/2016 06:14PM

  This crowd excitement is infectious

ArizonaRamFan13808/13/2016 06:04PM

  Yup... I thrilled for all the Herd there...

JamesJM6308/13/2016 06:05PM

  Speak for yourself!! I KNEW we had this one in the first half!

Ramgator6508/13/2016 06:08PM

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