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The Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Rams backups with the sack on KC starters ... Nice nm

Speed_Kills10808/20/2016 05:05PM

  Re: Rams Backups played better than the starters that series

Speed_Kills4708/20/2016 05:06PM

  Catch the ball Quick NM

six2stack8308/20/2016 05:02PM

  +1 .....NM

Arkansas Ram3708/20/2016 05:05PM

  Wow Joyner...

Guard13108/20/2016 05:04PM

  Here we go... Let's go Goff!!! Nm

Speed_Kills9308/20/2016 05:01PM

  Ugh... (nm)

Guard4208/20/2016 05:02PM

  Re: damn Quick

Speed_Kills5808/20/2016 05:03PM

  Goff ankle tripped trying to escape the pocket and fumbles.

Saguaro12308/20/2016 05:03PM

  Boo, nobody anywhere near Maclin right in the middle of the field for a TD.

Saguaro12108/20/2016 04:58PM

  Joyner that time...

Guard4508/20/2016 04:59PM

  Trujo beaten badly down the right sideline for a big gain.

Saguaro13108/20/2016 04:56PM

  Trujo got embarrassed on the first KC drive, as well

ArizonaRamFan5208/20/2016 04:57PM

  This is feeling good. This is fun.

Saguaro12708/20/2016 04:52PM

  Show me a bit of this on Sept 17th! nm

ArizonaRamFan4208/20/2016 04:57PM

  I think I love Easley. Lol. NM.

Rams4311408/20/2016 04:54PM

  He was also the guy who jumped though. nm

ArizonaRamFan4108/20/2016 04:56PM

  Easley giveth and then taketh away with a penalty. nm

Saguaro8008/20/2016 04:55PM

  No Gaines... I see Sensabaugh again? Nm

Speed_Kills8808/20/2016 04:55PM

  Dang, y'all!

Rams4311108/20/2016 04:53PM

  Well, this is the old pattern. 1 bad, then 1 good. nm

Saguaro3408/20/2016 04:54PM

  Wow... Easley!

Guard13008/20/2016 04:54PM

  Pharoh with a TD.

Saguaro14308/20/2016 04:48PM

  Re: being reviewed

Speed_Kills4808/20/2016 04:50PM

  I have little doubt they'll get the TD if this is overturned.

ArizonaRamFan5108/20/2016 04:50PM

  Re: TD!

Speed_Kills4908/20/2016 04:51PM

  shows what you know, lol! nm

Saguaro5008/20/2016 04:51PM

  Re: Lol

Speed_Kills3908/20/2016 04:52PM

  heheh, I thot it would go against us too. nm.

Saguaro4608/20/2016 04:53PM

  Great burst by BC for 19. Had a small hole and SHOT through it. nm

Saguaro9508/20/2016 04:43PM

  Re: Great burst by BC for 19. Had a small hole and SHOT through it. nm

Rams434708/20/2016 04:45PM

  He's got great vision too....

Guard4808/20/2016 04:50PM

  So nice to see Cooper score, huh?

Rams437608/20/2016 04:48PM

  Yeah, vs. opposition, too

ArizonaRamFan4308/20/2016 04:50PM

  YES coop, very quick, athletic dive .nm

ArizonaRamFan7008/20/2016 04:48PM

  Re: YES coop, very quick, athletic dive .nm

six2stack5708/20/2016 04:49PM


Rams439608/20/2016 04:29PM

  Re: FWIW...

Suh-weet!4308/20/2016 04:49PM

  One decent power run by Brown, then he hesitated on the next carry.

Saguaro6508/20/2016 04:47PM

  Some pretty good blocking by our OL goin' on, fellas. NM.

Rams437208/20/2016 04:42PM

  It's beginning to look a lot like smashmouth nm

ArizonaRamFan3808/20/2016 04:45PM

  Re: Yep nm

Speed_Kills3408/20/2016 04:46PM

  Is Goff in?

napoli7208/20/2016 04:45PM

  Keenum so far .nm

ArizonaRamFan4108/20/2016 04:45PM

  Re: Keenum so far .nm

napoli3208/20/2016 04:46PM

  Was that a fast 1st Q or what? nm

Saguaro5608/20/2016 04:46PM

  Take a hot for this endzone nm

Speed_Kills6208/20/2016 04:45PM

  Another shifty, slithering run up the middle by Cunningham.

Saguaro9508/20/2016 04:41PM

  He's got no quit in him either

ArizonaRamFan5208/20/2016 04:42PM

  Re: Another shifty, slithering run up the middle by Cunningham.

six2stack3908/20/2016 04:42PM

  Gurley must be done for the night Cunningham.

IowaRam5508/20/2016 04:43PM

  Re: He looks great

Speed_Kills5008/20/2016 04:44PM

  How can you not love Wham Bam Cunningham?

Guard8608/20/2016 04:42PM

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