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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of the HERD. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Can we make a score back?

roman1810911/06/2016 11:33AM

  Re: Can we make a score back?

roman187711/06/2016 11:34AM

  They are scared to death....

roman184911/06/2016 11:39AM

  Fisher gave them a short field

NewMexicoRam11211/06/2016 11:32AM

  Disagree, 55y was a reasonable FG attempt

ArizonaRamFan6311/06/2016 11:34AM

  Legatron should have made it

mexram4411/06/2016 11:35AM


NewMexicoRam5011/06/2016 11:37AM

  Re, everything is Fisher' fault, nm

sfbayram4311/06/2016 11:38AM

  TD pass

21Dog11311/06/2016 11:31AM

  single cover his favorite red zone target

Hazlet Hacksaw5511/06/2016 11:32AM

  Mo Alexsnder is clueless

jemach4811/06/2016 11:37AM

  Agree Alexander blew it nm

Hazlet Hacksaw4011/06/2016 11:38AM

  Olsen got it...

ArizonaRamFan7011/06/2016 11:32AM

  This looks like the old NFL Follies Films!! LOL NM

Ram497411/06/2016 11:36AM

  and sims gets on the board

Hazlet Hacksaw9511/06/2016 11:35AM

  Sheesh, just kneel on it that far back in the EZ

NewMexicoRam8511/06/2016 11:35AM

  Our Oline gets pushed backwards so easily...

jemach15811/06/2016 11:23AM

  Watch the Rams, then watch Dallas

Ram499711/06/2016 11:32AM

  What will happen first?

mexram8511/06/2016 11:32AM

  here we go.....no tight coverage....no rush....

roman1813011/06/2016 11:28AM

  When will Keenum help his OL??

mexram13411/06/2016 11:22AM

  Probably when the OL helps him...

jemach5711/06/2016 11:24AM

  When he's a high school coach somewhere

Ram495411/06/2016 11:26AM

  Tavon shows up yet again.....

roman1818811/06/2016 11:20AM

  Re: Tavon shows up yet again.....

Cornelius6811/06/2016 11:21AM


Ram Fan Teacher6111/06/2016 11:24AM

  Re: Tavon shows up yet again.....

roman185311/06/2016 11:24AM

  Made the right call on the ball...

ArizonaRamFan6611/06/2016 11:26AM

  Terrible draft pick...laughable NM

Ram494611/06/2016 11:23AM

  I have been a big Tavon defender...

Saguaro6311/06/2016 11:25AM

  keenum has no pocket presence

Hazlet Hacksaw13011/06/2016 11:24AM

  Goff. nm

Saguaro11911/06/2016 11:23AM

  who? nm

21Dog4411/06/2016 11:23AM


ArizonaRamFan5211/06/2016 11:24AM

  Apparently, jemach, we're going to hear nothing much at all today.

Saguaro15311/06/2016 11:17AM

  Re: Apparently, jemach, we're going to hear nothing much at all today.

CROMWELL216411/06/2016 11:18AM

  lol, there we go. Some commentary. nm

Saguaro4911/06/2016 11:19AM

  Present and accounted for..

sstrams5611/06/2016 11:19AM

  Re: and that sucks because I come here for the whine.

tomatosan6111/06/2016 11:19AM

  I'll whine with ya.

ArizonaRamFan6111/06/2016 11:20AM

  Gurley's longest run is 16yds!

Hazlet Hacksaw15611/06/2016 09:07AM

  yep the coaching does not create any space

Rams_815911/06/2016 09:56AM

  Re: man, I really hope they coach better today! (nm)

AlbaNY_Ram4911/06/2016 10:31AM

  Re: man, I really hope they coach better today! (nm)

DESERT RAM5011/06/2016 11:03AM

  Things we will hear today...

jemach18711/06/2016 08:03AM

  Robinson did not cover the outside pass rusher

Rams_8128510/23/2016 07:35AM

  Re: Robinson did not cover the outside pass rusher

no name18010/23/2016 07:42AM

  This time we're embarrassed on the world stage.

RAMbler24410/23/2016 07:38AM

  Not the first time we've been embarrassed...

Guard12710/23/2016 07:40AM

  What was that?

dodgerram27410/23/2016 07:35AM

  Re: What was that?

CraigMatson13010/23/2016 07:36AM

  Quick didnt change the pattern

Hazlet Hacksaw12810/23/2016 07:37AM

  Re: What was that?

MamaRAMa9510/23/2016 07:40AM

  Can't blame Keenum, we have idiots on offence

CraigMatson25410/23/2016 07:35AM

  100% blame on Keemun.

sfbayram11310/23/2016 07:39AM

  The offensive juggernaut!

jemach23710/23/2016 07:35AM

  Re: The offensive juggernaut!

CraigMatson11510/23/2016 07:38AM

  On the bright side

THE FANATIC24810/23/2016 07:36AM

  Re: On the bright side

chico n da rams13510/23/2016 07:37AM

  Quick + Robinson

RFIP30110/23/2016 07:35AM

  Re: Quick + Robinson

ramfan76t11910/23/2016 07:37AM

  Such.... Ugly.... Football

Guard20810/23/2016 07:34AM

  you get numb to this #### after a while nm

21Dog9210/23/2016 07:35AM

  Que Pink Floyd...

Guard10710/23/2016 07:36AM

  wheres Goff?

sfbayram21010/23/2016 07:36AM

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