September 13, 2022 02:27PM
at least the way you phrased it

yes , there is going to be a live action Asoka series coming

but , about to begin ?, well , no

the Asoka series still has no release date yet

Andor starts next week , The Mandalorian season 3 doesn't come out till Februray ,, so I'm guessing the Asoka series won't be till after that , late Spring / Summer of next year maybe , but I'm just guessing

but , what your friend "might" be talking about , as far as about to begin , is that in October , a new 6 episode animated , Tv show call , Star Wars , Tales of the Jedi begins , it's animated , and will have 6 , stand alone episodes , each episode telling a different story , and we know at least one of those episdoes will feature Asoka , so that might have been what she meant by starting soon , or maybe she might have meant the Andor series which starts next week

now as far as the show Rebels , I've mentioned it many times on here , it's the Animated seires , I've talked about how many of the characters from that animated series are finding their way into the live action series

and one of the reasons your friend mentioned along with the Asoka series , two more characters from Rebels are about to make thier to live action

Asoka , Bo Katan , Cad Bane and the !nquisitors all started out on Rebels , and next up will be Ezra Bridger , a young Jedi and Grand Admiral Thrawn , two main character from Rebels , so your friend might have suggested watching Rebels to learn who these two next characters are , as they are both very important character , in the Star Wars universe ,

Asoka , Bo Katan , Cad Bane and the !nquisitors

Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn

so , as more and more characters from the animated Rebels series make thier way to live action , it's not a bad idea to watch Rebels , but I wouldn't go as far as being necessary , because you could simply google these characters , or even find a 5 minute video on youtube , that will probably explain all you really need to know

here's the 6 episode series that comes out next month Tales Of A Jedi


  Star Wars, yet again...

JamesJM119September 13, 2022 07:19AM

  Tricky question to answer Attachments

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IowaRam42September 13, 2022 02:44PM

  Why did you leave ?

IowaRam53September 13, 2022 02:54PM

  Ezra Bridger vs Grand Admiral Thrawn

IowaRam47September 13, 2022 03:09PM

  I might have spoke to soon about Lars Mikkelsen

IowaRam49September 14, 2022 01:19PM

  I'm trying...

JamesJM44September 16, 2022 01:54PM

  I haven't watched all the episodes either

IowaRam57September 16, 2022 02:41PM

  Nevermore Academy............................on a side note Attachments

IowaRam54September 13, 2022 04:11PM

  Ahsoka / Rebels update

IowaRam40September 15, 2022 01:15PM

  Andor..............Star Wars for adult

IowaRam51September 16, 2022 01:05PM

  James , did you ever watch Rouge One ?

IowaRam53September 16, 2022 02:52PM

  Oh sure....

JamesJM49September 17, 2022 02:59AM

  Should also mention.......

IowaRam57September 17, 2022 08:48AM