August 04, 2022 05:20PM
Though he is SUPER nice, it REALLY pisses me off when they call you back quickly and then sit in a small room to stare at walls. Twice with the Gastro Doc, I have sat in the room for over an hour. One time was and hour and forty five minutes. All that for a 2 minute review of my Colonoscopy.

  I'm a more waiting at the doctor....

JamesJM276August 04, 2022 03:02PM

  Good for you..

sstrams83August 04, 2022 03:22PM

  I have come close to doing that with my Gastro Doctor a time or two.

Ramgator92August 04, 2022 05:20PM

  THE worst was during my kidney stone attack back in 2006.

Ramgator78August 04, 2022 05:25PM

  Hooper: "I got that beat.. I got that beat"

sstrams88August 05, 2022 03:05AM

  Re: Hooper: "I got that beat.. I got that beat"

MamaRAMa97August 05, 2022 04:12AM

  That's the best part of the story, Mama.. Attachments

sstrams79August 05, 2022 05:18AM

  Re: That's the best part of the story, Mama..

MamaRAMa81August 05, 2022 05:22AM

  Lol.. thank you..

sstrams67August 05, 2022 05:35AM

  Keith Moon mode!!!!!! Exploding instruments!

Ramgator108August 05, 2022 09:51AM

  Yeah that injury took a while..

sstrams116August 05, 2022 10:03AM

  Funny you say... I have never been BADLY burned and.....

Ramgator76August 09, 2022 02:35AM

  My brother, the dumna$$..

sstrams181August 09, 2022 03:23AM

  Must be a Brother thing. Not long after our failed Hindenburg recreation....

Ramgator139August 09, 2022 10:30AM

  Its always funny when someone else..

sstrams58August 09, 2022 10:33AM

  Billy Madison!!!

Ramgator59August 09, 2022 01:52PM

  Dang, I don't even remember that part..

sstrams57August 09, 2022 02:24PM

  Very cute!!

Ramgator107August 10, 2022 04:16AM

  Never know for sure... but I think I was fortunate...

JamesJM56August 09, 2022 10:36AM

  Yeah, lucky you...

sstrams54August 09, 2022 10:40AM

  That's the issue I have...

sstrams69August 05, 2022 02:56AM