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Final update on our dogs, Rocco and Roxy....

June 03, 2022 10:10AM
some of you probably read my post about Rocco's passing a few weeks ago. Since then Roxy was good, then ill, then good again, and then ill yet again... several times.... and yesterday she passed away just before my granddaughter's graduation. We didn't inform the grandkids until this morning.

If you read my post about Rocco you know that we most suspected poison... from somewhere. This is farm country and poisons are in the area, (not at my home), and Rocco and Roxy roamed a lot. All farm dogs do here. BUT... we're now thinking they may have gotten infected from a diseased coyote. I have never heard of that happening around here but we found some cuts on Roxy, (very minor), and that seems the most likely explanation at this time.

This obviously makes us feel bad. Small injuries are extremely common on outside dogs here so we thought nothing of it. In hindsight... a trip to the vet may have saved them both although we DID take Roxy to the vet - who told us the cuts were almost certainly from a fight and that she'd be fine. She wasn't. Rocco had only a very slight injury above her eye and gave no indication of serious illness before she passed.

Sad day for the JamesJM household... the grandkids, as I mentioned, were informed this morning but they were somewhat prepared after Rocco and then Roxy exhibiting some slight illness over the last couple of weeks. - JamesJM

  Final update on our dogs, Rocco and Roxy....

JamesJM148June 03, 2022 10:10AM

  So sorry to hear that, Jimmy..

sstrams138June 03, 2022 10:19AM

  Re: Final update on our dogs, Rocco and Roxy....

MamaRAMa56June 03, 2022 11:33AM

  We have 3 cats....

JamesJM50June 03, 2022 12:46PM

  We've fostered 10 dogs, I think..

sstrams47June 03, 2022 01:07PM

  Re: We've fostered 10 dogs, I think..

MamaRAMa46June 03, 2022 01:55PM

  Yes he did!

sstrams66June 03, 2022 02:11PM

  Not RIGHT now but...soon, I say take the advice SST gave me a year and a half ago.

Ramgator73June 03, 2022 12:21PM

  That's awesome, man..

sstrams67June 03, 2022 01:04PM