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Definitely a must see for a fan

May 04, 2022 01:31PM
The singer stands in the back, in the dark. The guitarist and bassist are basically stationary the entire concert. The drummer is the center of attention. The giant screens never show the band just ongoing images. The music is loud and the energy just kind of rushes over you. And every single person around you knows every single word, every single guitar lead, note for note, every single drum beat. Tool doesn't deviate from their albums. I chastised REM for not improvising at all... but if Tool did it I think it would disappoint most fans. I don't know if its how the music is written or what... but there's a precision to the replay to it that is appreciated.

My brother likes classic rock mostly. He was getting into Pink Floyd when I talked to him about going to the concert. At 59 he thought he would be the oldest person there... but it was more like a group of peers. He said it was a Pink Floyd type of experience for him. But for the most part no one is going to confuse Tool with Floyd. To a degree I bet most fans would overlap. There are Tool fans that like metal just like there are Zeppelin fans that like metal... but there are a group of fans that like Zeppelin and Tool but not Metallica or Slipknot.

  My generation is better than your generation for music...

JamesJM284May 01, 2022 03:43PM

  Re: My generation is better than your generation for music...

MamaRAMa138May 01, 2022 04:13PM

  I grew up with "melody"

waterfield123May 02, 2022 08:14AM

  Good point...

JamesJM104May 02, 2022 12:18PM

  I write it.. I hope to record it..

sstrams205May 02, 2022 02:31PM

  LOL, Steve...

JamesJM65May 02, 2022 03:06PM

  A jam session would rule..

sstrams59May 03, 2022 02:46AM

  I lost interest when the 1980s hair bands took over.

Ramgator118May 02, 2022 10:18AM

  We have just ONE Oldies station in Jacksonville. It's TERRIBLE!!!!

Ramgator127May 02, 2022 10:21AM

  I like hair bands....

JamesJM150May 02, 2022 03:10PM

  I'm STILL there..

sstrams60May 03, 2022 02:43AM

  I liked them too..... To a degree.

Ramgator69May 03, 2022 04:02AM

  Yeah, Axl is a Dbag..

sstrams101May 03, 2022 04:35AM

  My USAF Bud was SUCH a fan!

Ramgator76May 03, 2022 11:00AM

  I've never liked him, either..

sstrams67May 03, 2022 12:04PM

  If you don't want to watch the whole thinkg go to the 31:00 min mark

SeattleRam89May 02, 2022 11:49AM

  One thing I really miss...

SeattleRam66May 02, 2022 12:05PM

  Yes, thru Apple Music...

JamesJM203May 02, 2022 12:19PM

  We have Youtube Music

IowaRam93May 02, 2022 02:26PM

  Music from the 80's would be my favorite

IowaRam111May 02, 2022 02:19PM

  Same here...

sstrams79May 02, 2022 02:32PM

  I never wanted to be that guy...

Atlantic Ram148May 02, 2022 10:02PM

  I have always thought..

sstrams65May 03, 2022 02:51AM

  It seems to be gaining in popularity

Atlantic Ram67May 03, 2022 02:55PM

  I've heart Tool does a great show..

sstrams90May 04, 2022 02:18AM

  Definitely a must see for a fan

Atlantic Ram65May 04, 2022 01:31PM

  Yeah I always thought..

sstrams136May 04, 2022 01:37PM

  Music wise, I have always wished I was 10-30 years older.

Ramgator136May 03, 2022 04:27AM

  LOVED U2 in the 80s / early 90s. I will never see them again.

Ramgator213May 03, 2022 04:32AM

  We just saw Bon Jovi last week..

sstrams66May 03, 2022 04:38AM

  I heard he was lip syncing. Is that true? And......OH GEEEEEESH!!!!

Ramgator63May 03, 2022 10:50AM

  I hope he wasn't lip syncing!

sstrams64May 03, 2022 12:07PM

  I have always admired Starship's Grace Slick.

Ramgator63May 03, 2022 03:01PM

  the best years of music = X

JoeMad175May 03, 2022 06:15AM

  Wooly Bully!

sstrams71May 03, 2022 06:46AM

  I don't know...

Atlantic Ram89May 03, 2022 03:32PM

  put me down for the 1970s

ferragamo79230May 03, 2022 07:35AM

  ME TOO! If I had to pick just one....EASILY the 70s.

Ramgator62May 03, 2022 10:54AM

  Any fans of The Hollies??? Call me crazy but....

Ramgator69May 03, 2022 11:01AM

  crazy (nm)

ferragamo7980May 03, 2022 12:25PM

  Re: crazy (nm)

ScRAM132May 03, 2022 01:57PM

  I am NOT crazy!!! I know because.....

Ramgator62May 03, 2022 03:05PM

  For Me.....

ScRAM71May 03, 2022 01:53PM

  Best/Worst Music performance you've seen live?

SeattleRam166May 03, 2022 02:08PM

  No, Loverboy has always..

sstrams128May 03, 2022 02:20PM

  I've seen Loverboy like a hundered times !!!!

IowaRam66May 03, 2022 03:25PM

  Speaking of Loverboy..

sstrams100May 04, 2022 01:43PM

  Mike Reno said , you'll be lovin ever minute of it

IowaRam189May 04, 2022 03:18PM

  Yeah, I'm sure... only issue will be..

sstrams61May 04, 2022 03:22PM

  Just pack sardine / banana sandwiches and a Thermos of hot chocolate.

Ramgator100May 14, 2022 08:01AM

  I haven't heard about Joe Elliot..

sstrams85May 14, 2022 08:08AM

  Yeah, lots of concerts are promoted falsely, IMO.

Ramgator159May 17, 2022 03:52PM

  Is it true their Guitarist has been missing for years?

Ramgator72May 04, 2022 01:56PM

  I think it was the bass player...

sstrams69May 04, 2022 02:02PM

  I still say the best live performance I've seen..

sstrams63May 03, 2022 02:25PM

  My Brother thought highly of Todd Rudgeren.

Ramgator60May 03, 2022 03:16PM

  Rundgren doesn't typically do a huge production..

sstrams70May 04, 2022 02:20AM

  U2 and...............U2

Ramgator58May 03, 2022 03:13PM

  Worst was Van Halen

IowaRam65May 03, 2022 03:15PM

  Wow!! I have a bud who saw that tour here in Jax in 1984. He LOVED V.H. !! BUUUT...

Ramgator62May 03, 2022 03:19PM

  I saw Rush on the Hemispheres tour..

sstrams96May 04, 2022 02:21AM

  I haven't been to a lot of concerts

Atlantic Ram73May 03, 2022 03:23PM

  I'm with you Atlantic

21Dog57May 03, 2022 03:35PM

  Farm Aid Tour?? nm

Ramgator83May 03, 2022 03:37PM


21Dog85May 03, 2022 03:52PM

  I saw Dylan with the Dead...

Atlantic Ram68May 03, 2022 06:38PM

  @ 21 regarding Joe Walsh

ferragamo7973May 04, 2022 10:57AM

  Re: @ 21 regarding Joe Walsh

RAMbler101May 04, 2022 11:44AM

  Re: @ 21 regarding Joe Walsh

21Dog124May 04, 2022 04:19PM

  saw him at Sacramento River Cats stadium

ferragamo7980May 05, 2022 09:55AM

  Re: saw him at Sacramento River Cats stadium

21Dog83May 05, 2022 10:15AM

  Grandson almost thrown out of that stadium

waterfield74May 05, 2022 12:00PM

  I love that story. :) (nm)

JamesJM172May 05, 2022 01:34PM

  I'm curious...What was it with REM?? I ask because....

Ramgator105May 03, 2022 03:36PM

  It was the stage presence...

Atlantic Ram97May 03, 2022 06:49PM

  Fables of the Reconstruction, Murmor, Life's Rich Pageant

ferragamo7978May 04, 2022 10:56AM

  Shiny Happy People was the end for me...

Atlantic Ram70May 04, 2022 01:34PM

  OK I got a new worse...

SeattleRam114May 03, 2022 10:12PM

  That is funny

Atlantic Ram153May 07, 2022 01:53PM

  As You Can See...

ScRAM124May 04, 2022 03:15PM

  I saw BOC twice..

sstrams157May 04, 2022 03:25PM

  Re: I saw BOC twice..

ScRAM106May 04, 2022 03:40PM

  You have some great shows under your belt..

sstrams103May 04, 2022 05:12PM

  Re: You have some great shows under your belt..

ScRAM102May 05, 2022 02:52PM

  I guess the one I brag about the most..

sstrams84May 06, 2022 06:12AM

  BOC are coming to our county fair this year

IowaRam92May 04, 2022 03:53PM


ScRAM129May 04, 2022 04:02PM

  I doubt Mark Farner is with them..

sstrams150May 04, 2022 05:07PM

  Re: I doubt Mark Farner is with them..

ScRAM104May 05, 2022 02:53PM

  That does sound familiar...

sstrams129May 06, 2022 06:14AM

  My daughter is a musician in her mid to late 20'

NewMexicoRam127May 05, 2022 03:57PM

  QUIZ 1970s: Which band had 5 top 10 albums in a row

ferragamo7997May 06, 2022 06:16AM

  If I guessed..

sstrams90May 06, 2022 11:45AM

  I can't even guess....

JamesJM93May 06, 2022 12:31PM

  Led Zepplin

IowaRam91May 06, 2022 12:50PM

  Allow me to make some enemies...

JamesJM82May 06, 2022 01:19PM

  I really wasn't a LZ fan...

sstrams106May 06, 2022 01:40PM

  A chore for you....

JamesJM59May 06, 2022 03:04PM

  That won't be easy...

sstrams83May 06, 2022 03:41PM

  Thanks, Steve...

JamesJM90May 06, 2022 06:13PM

  Most of that stuff is probably stuff..

sstrams131May 07, 2022 04:28AM

  That's sort of how I feel about Metallica

Atlantic Ram108May 07, 2022 01:48PM

  I've never liked Metallica..

sstrams144May 07, 2022 02:32PM

  I never could get into Megadeth , but...........

IowaRam85May 07, 2022 03:05PM

  I don't like a lot of their stuff.....

sstrams70May 07, 2022 04:58PM

  Re: Led Zepplin....but they didn't release an album every year

ferragamo7974May 07, 2022 07:48AM

  Re: Led Zepplin that's what I thought..

sstrams77May 07, 2022 09:18AM

  Re: QUIZ 1970s: The answer is>>>>

ferragamo79142May 07, 2022 07:49AM

  Yeah, I would NOT have guessed that..

sstrams143May 07, 2022 09:18AM

  Axis TV has brief documentaries on groups and I watched it

ferragamo7962May 07, 2022 09:50AM

  My JT story...

sstrams133May 07, 2022 11:18AM

  Ain't no one on earth a bigger KISS fan than...

JamesJM66May 07, 2022 12:15PM

  that's awesome about your granddaughter..

sstrams90May 07, 2022 12:20PM

  Digital Music....

JamesJM88May 07, 2022 12:30PM

  Yeah, I'm NOT digging..

sstrams108May 07, 2022 12:46PM

  can use surround sound for listening to music

ferragamo7978May 07, 2022 02:55PM

  Yeah, I agree. but don't..

sstrams76May 07, 2022 05:00PM

  I have same issue with my center channel

ferragamo79151May 07, 2022 02:54PM

  Well, I made a studio decision today.....

sstrams96May 06, 2022 05:44PM

  That's great.

Atlantic Ram86May 07, 2022 11:38PM

  Thanks Atlantic..

sstrams137May 08, 2022 06:26AM