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Re: Chip and JoAnn are my Wife's favorite, by far.

January 05, 2022 09:22AM
I love Erin and Ben on Home Town more than I do Chip and JoAnn. The work the Napiers do is in Laurel, Mississippi. I prefer them over Chip and JoAnn. Erin and Ben seem more down-to-earth and "real" to me. Something about Chip and JoAnn just rubs me the wrong way and I've kinda backed off them. Today is the launching of their new Magnolia television network which replaces the DIY network. It's already been changed on the Uverse TVGuide. No more DIY. Now it's MAGND.


  Watching Fixer Upper shows on HGTV make me SCREAM when.....

Ramgator42January 04, 2022 04:50PM

  Yeah agree..

sstrams13January 05, 2022 02:16AM

  My wife almost non-stop watches those shows...

JamesJM21January 05, 2022 07:38AM

  Chip and JoAnn are my Wife's favorite, by far.

Ramgator13January 05, 2022 08:56AM

  Re: Chip and JoAnn are my Wife's favorite, by far.

MamaRAMa21January 05, 2022 09:22AM

  I'm with you on this, Mama.

Ramgator15January 05, 2022 11:07AM

  New kitchen cabinets..

sstrams10January 06, 2022 05:16AM

  very resourceful

21Dog9January 06, 2022 05:27AM

  I call myself the..

sstrams10January 06, 2022 06:03AM

  $800???? SUCKER!!!!!!!! I REALLY saved!

Ramgator8January 06, 2022 07:03AM


sstrams5January 06, 2022 07:17AM