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To answer your question about Boba Fett

January 28, 2022 02:14PM
you'll probably get a different answer from anyone you ask

might have a lot to do with your age

I was like 14 when The Empire Strikes Back , and have know him from the beginning

but if your a kid now days , probably doesn't mean as much , as the story of Boba Fett has been around their entire life

but in 1980...........

probably a little more then just a minor character , his screen time might have been short , but his importance to the story was large

but in 1980............

he was a complete blank canvas , no back story , no nothing

only "YOUR" imagination

was he white , was he black , was he hispanic , did he have a beard , did he have blonde hair , was he old or young , heck , we never saw him without his helmet , we weren't even sure he was human

in 1980 , the fascination for Boba Fett was only limited by your own unique imagination

in 2022...........

it's not quite the same anymore , alot of his backstory and where he came from have all been revealed , the shroud of mystery is no longer there


  The Book of Boba Fett

IowaRam184January 01, 2022 10:34AM

  Chapter 2 ..........big spoiler............don't look..........

IowaRam82January 05, 2022 04:37PM

  Chapter 3

IowaRam154January 13, 2022 02:24PM

  I was ok with it....

JamesJM84January 13, 2022 03:00PM

  Chapter 4

IowaRam71January 22, 2022 09:49AM

  I gave up after...

sstrams103January 22, 2022 10:51AM

  Re: I gave up after...

MamaRAMa90January 22, 2022 11:17AM

  I'm in your boat, Mama

NewMexicoRam54January 28, 2022 06:07AM

  I really really liked the Mandalorian

IowaRam123January 22, 2022 11:23AM

  Same here........

RAMbler58January 27, 2022 12:35PM

  Sort of the same here with Boba Fett....

JamesJM58January 27, 2022 12:38PM

  Have you watched Episode 5 yet , ?

IowaRam68January 27, 2022 12:43PM

  No, actually I haven't seen #4 yet... but will today....

JamesJM58January 27, 2022 12:44PM

  Episode 4 is pretty much the same as the others

IowaRam60January 27, 2022 12:52PM

  I'm caught up....

JamesJM75January 28, 2022 05:03AM

  To answer your question about Boba Fett

IowaRam59January 28, 2022 02:14PM

  Easter Eggs

IowaRam71January 28, 2022 02:41PM

  Chapter 6

IowaRam77February 05, 2022 11:40AM

  Re: Chapter 6

RamsDynasty93February 06, 2022 03:30AM

  Re: Chapter 6

IowaRam93February 06, 2022 06:54AM

  And none of it surprising....

JamesJM84February 06, 2022 04:26PM

  Episode 7

IowaRam63February 09, 2022 04:35PM

  ludicrous speed , we've gone to plaid

IowaRam63February 09, 2022 04:40PM

  Definitely no lack of action....

JamesJM55February 10, 2022 05:35AM

  I just didn't really understand it

IowaRam48February 10, 2022 01:22PM

  The teenage biker chick....

JamesJM55February 10, 2022 01:29PM

  Cad Bane

IowaRam152February 10, 2022 01:53PM

  The biker chick should have been an alien...

JamesJM51February 10, 2022 02:00PM

  Re: The biker chick should have been an alien...

IowaRam67February 10, 2022 02:22PM

  Another character I like a lot is Peli Motto

JamesJM52February 10, 2022 03:01PM

  Re: Another character I like a lot is Peli Motto

IowaRam52February 10, 2022 04:57PM

  I liked her immediately...

JamesJM66February 10, 2022 05:04PM

  Still haven't watched American Underdog

IowaRam49February 11, 2022 12:36PM

  Obi Wan Kenobi comes out May 25th

IowaRam121February 10, 2022 01:33PM