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The Book of Boba Fett

January 01, 2022 10:34AM

I liked it , but..............

it was kinda cool , but..............

lets see if I can do this without giving anything way..........

the episode was only like 38 minutes long , with the last 5 minutes being credits

it does finally give us an answer after 40 years on how Boba Fett got out of the sarlacc pit , I figure thats not really a spoiler , because if he didn't get out of the sarlacc pit , we'd have no show

I think my problem with the show , is that it has alot of flash back scenes , so we're constantly switching back and forth from present day Boba Fett , to past events of Boba Fett

not that learning about his past isn't cool , it just constantly interrupts the flow of the show , as soon as the story starts to pick up momentum ,

flashback scene !!!!


back to present day scene !!!

the Tusken Raiders are kinda cool in this show , a little different then the ones we've seen in the past , can't explain it , you'll just have to watch

the end Boss monster fight was cool , a clear tribute to the great Ray Harryhausen , from the monsters design , to it's clunky animation style ,even with modern CGI , they still gave it a bit of a stop motion animation feel , not that Ray Harryhausen ever worked on a Star Wars film , but anyone who has worked on a Star Wars films animation department was hugely influenced by Ray Harryhausen , so that was pretty cool , any Ray Harryhausen fans here should recognize it right away

over all , I'll give it a 7.5 /10


  The Book of Boba Fett

IowaRam44January 01, 2022 10:34AM

  Chapter 2 ..........big spoiler............don't look..........

IowaRam17January 05, 2022 04:37PM

  Chapter 3

IowaRam13January 13, 2022 02:24PM

  I was ok with it....

JamesJM14January 13, 2022 03:00PM

  Chapter 4

IowaRam7January 22, 2022 09:49AM

  I gave up after...

sstrams10January 22, 2022 10:51AM

  Re: I gave up after...

MamaRAMa7January 22, 2022 11:17AM

  I really really liked the Mandalorian

IowaRam8January 22, 2022 11:23AM