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We'll never know...

November 24, 2021 12:50PM
Voyager 1 was launched 44 years ago. Only recently has it gone beyond the orbit of Pluto.... which is to say that it hasn't even really begun it's journey to other stars.

Voyager won't reach the nearest star for 16,000 years... and will, of course, not be functioning at that time. After the nearest star add another 28,000 years for the next star... and note, both of those stars are basically in our backyard compared to most stars.

To put it into perspective... Had Voyager launched when man first began acting like man "as we know man today" it would just today be reaching the closest stars.

Voyager isn't going to hit, much less land on, any stars/planets unless by near miraculous collision. It will have be very intelligent life to 'catch' voyager... far more capable in space travel than we are today.

I believe our only hope for 'contact' will come from some type of signal... radio waves, gamma waves, etc. But even that chance is remote... the universe isn't old enough, (theoretically), to have allowed intelligent life to advance to that level of tech ability and then also cross the vast distances of the universe, even at the speed of light.

  OUTSTANDING.. first I've seen in years....

JamesJM59November 23, 2021 08:38PM

  Re: OUTSTANDING.. first I've seen in years....

SeattleRam21November 23, 2021 11:18PM

  When I was a kid.....

BlueRidgeHorns18November 24, 2021 01:26AM

  I did with my boys . LOLOL About 12 years ago...

Ramgator12November 24, 2021 04:39AM


JamesJM11November 24, 2021 04:41AM

  oh yea

IowaRam14November 24, 2021 09:11AM

  If I recall...Wasn't Vandenberg SUPPOSED to be a Space Shuttle launch site also?

Ramgator10November 24, 2021 04:36AM

  Yes, I think I posted about this...

JamesJM10November 24, 2021 04:50AM

  Not sure if this is actually true....

RAMbler11November 24, 2021 07:50AM

  Florida launches...

JamesJM14November 24, 2021 09:27AM

  I've read about this mission..

sstrams11November 24, 2021 05:16AM

  I haven't read much about it....but

JamesJM12November 24, 2021 05:42AM

  Yeah, but..

sstrams11November 24, 2021 06:10AM

  Re: Yeah, but..

IowaRam11November 24, 2021 08:47AM

  Re: I've read about this mission..

RAMbler15November 24, 2021 07:23AM

  Bruce Willis would definitely be hiding..

sstrams9November 24, 2021 08:53AM

  Yeah, and speaking of "things don't always go according to plan"

RAMbler14November 24, 2021 11:22AM

  Yeah, they're out there...

sstrams9November 24, 2021 12:19PM

  We'll never know...

JamesJM12November 24, 2021 12:50PM

  no fog out your way last night? nm

21Dog8November 24, 2021 05:58AM

  No, got lucky....

JamesJM8November 24, 2021 01:43PM

  How funny... I saw the same alert....

RAMbler16November 24, 2021 07:36AM

  Re: How funny... I saw the same alert....

JamesJM14November 24, 2021 01:46PM