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A radical tangent... not really related to your post at all...

November 20, 2021 04:40PM
except in my warped mind. laughing smiley

Firsts! That's impressive, first guy to land on a ship. Impressive AND important and absolutely noteworthy.

That will never happen to me, I don't think... I doubt I've ever been the 'first' at anything. But I have often wondered....

(Here comes the wild ass tangent)

Have I ever made a footprint on this earth on a patch of land where no other human in the history of man has set foot? As much wilderness travel as I've done my first thought to that quandary was, "I almost had too".... but then on second thought... I dunno. These days it's hard to find a patch of ground even in very remote area where there isn't a discarded gum wrapper near by, or an aluminum can.

What about you Iowa? Think you've ever once in your life made a footprint where no man had ever set foot before?

  Hey Iowa! Ever hear of the Aviator, Eugene Ely??

Ramgator29November 17, 2021 08:12AM

  Oh yea

IowaRam22November 20, 2021 01:10PM

  His Wife was a Cutie!

Ramgator19November 20, 2021 04:36PM

  A radical tangent... not really related to your post at all...

JamesJM16November 20, 2021 04:40PM

  I think about that often. As a kid, I recall....

Ramgator21November 21, 2021 03:20AM

  same here

IowaRam14November 21, 2021 06:37AM

  Hey Gator , you like Little House on the Prairie

IowaRam16November 21, 2021 06:54AM

  Hmmm! Never saw it. I see it was Produced by the Creator of The Waltons..

Ramgator12November 21, 2021 06:57AM

  Very unlikely

IowaRam14November 21, 2021 06:15AM