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Hey Iowa! Ever hear of the Aviator, Eugene Ely??

November 17, 2021 08:12AM
He was from Iowa and the first Aviator to land on and take off from a ship, in 1911. I was thumbing through an old Time / Life "Epic Of Flight" book my Mom bought me back in 1984 and saw a photo of Ely. I went to Youtube and found a 1hr 6 min semibar by a guy who wrote a book on Ely. VERY good video! Ely was born in Williamsburg and raised in Davenport

  Hey Iowa! Ever hear of the Aviator, Eugene Ely??

Ramgator28November 17, 2021 08:12AM

  Oh yea

IowaRam22November 20, 2021 01:10PM

  His Wife was a Cutie!

Ramgator19November 20, 2021 04:36PM

  A radical tangent... not really related to your post at all...

JamesJM16November 20, 2021 04:40PM

  I think about that often. As a kid, I recall....

Ramgator20November 21, 2021 03:20AM

  same here

IowaRam13November 21, 2021 06:37AM

  Hey Gator , you like Little House on the Prairie

IowaRam15November 21, 2021 06:54AM

  Hmmm! Never saw it. I see it was Produced by the Creator of The Waltons..

Ramgator11November 21, 2021 06:57AM

  Very unlikely

IowaRam13November 21, 2021 06:15AM