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Re: One of the biggest surprises I can recall....

October 10, 2021 08:22AM
Just before that game in conversation with my grandsons I actually said something to the effect that this year it looks like no one is going to stop Alabama unless maybe, only maybe, Georgia actually is as good as they seem. Then the Aggies game. laughing smiley

Couple of top teams this year I have not had the chance to see yet.. Iowa being one of them... although I've seen highlights of them all. I'm wondering how good Oklahoma really is. Also Michigan.

Well, Michigan was almost beat by unranked Nebraska. And that Oklahoma-Texas game was fun to watch. I honestly thought Texas was going to win that one as both teams were neck and neck most of the day, but Oklahoma prevailed in the end.


  Congratulations Iowa!

Ramgator33October 09, 2021 02:57PM

  Thanks !!!

IowaRam17October 09, 2021 03:18PM

  one of several great games yesterday

21Dog10October 10, 2021 04:50AM

  You have won me over, Iowa...

JamesJM11October 10, 2021 07:44AM

  Blue Collar team

IowaRam7October 10, 2021 08:34AM

  Sound like my alma mater... Fresno St.

JamesJM11October 10, 2021 08:40AM

  Like Northwestern

IowaRam16October 10, 2021 08:44AM

  Re: Congratulations Iowa!

MamaRAMa15October 09, 2021 03:29PM

  Re: Congratulations Iowa!

IowaRam11October 09, 2021 03:54PM

  Iowa Crowd Causes 3 Consecutive False Starts

IowaRam18October 09, 2021 04:00PM

  Reminds me of The Swamp in the 90s. I was at a game SO loud....

Ramgator11October 10, 2021 03:47AM

  Down goes Bama !!! , Down goes Bama !!!

IowaRam12October 10, 2021 07:51AM

  Re: Down goes Bama !!! , Down goes Bama !!!

MamaRAMa16October 10, 2021 08:14AM

  They have been down a long time.. Nebraska I mean...

JamesJM12October 10, 2021 08:20AM

  One of the biggest surprises I can recall....

JamesJM8October 10, 2021 08:19AM

  Re: One of the biggest surprises I can recall....

MamaRAMa11October 10, 2021 08:22AM

  That's get to my point better than I did...

JamesJM11October 10, 2021 08:31AM

  Still think Ohio State is the team to beat in the Big Ten

IowaRam9October 10, 2021 08:42AM

  Just tossing this out there to cause trouble...

JamesJM17October 10, 2021 08:58AM

  Re: Just tossing this out there to cause trouble...

IowaRam15October 10, 2021 09:11AM

  Re: Just tossing this out there to cause trouble...

MamaRAMa13October 10, 2021 09:26AM

  # 2 in Week 7 AP Ranking

MamaRAMa10October 10, 2021 11:36AM

  The Hawkeyes have a little bit of luck on their side

IowaRam17October 10, 2021 12:01PM