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Re: Thanks, Mama... quick story.

October 09, 2021 10:56AM
About 2 years ago she got into cooking. This last year she started a charcuterie business.. (doing VERY well, couple grand a month). And SOOO....

I took her to a local Italian Deli for the first time, I'd been going to it for years. It's about 40 miles from our homes. She loved it. She always picks out my wine... she goes by how pretty the label is and believe it or not... that works for the most part. laughing smiley

So the quick story - this last trip to the Deli I couldn't make it so her Mom took her. I got a call from the Deli from my granddaughter, "Papa, I just fired my Mom from Deli duty. You have to go with me every time from now on". The problem was this:

Her Mom, my daughter, didn't get into the 'fun' part, nor the adventurous part. She was only concerned with the $. When Syd and I go we look at nearly everything in the Deli, whether we buy it or not. laughing smiley It's an "Event" for Syd and I... it was a chore for my daughter. - JamesJM

I'm with your granddaughter. And now you know. When it comes to Deli Duty, nobody but Papa will do!!


  A very good night for the JamesJM household.. Homecoming game.. Attachments

JamesJM54October 08, 2021 09:39PM

  I remember those cheerleader pics

21Dog13October 09, 2021 05:07AM

  BTW...new playoff structure...

JamesJM12October 09, 2021 05:26AM


sstrams10October 09, 2021 05:19AM

  congrats .

IowaRam15October 09, 2021 09:57AM

  In answer to your questions.. Attachments

JamesJM16October 09, 2021 10:28AM

  Re: In answer to your questions..

IowaRam17October 09, 2021 10:42AM

  That's not the Photo from before...

JamesJM9October 09, 2021 10:48AM

  Re: A very good night for the JamesJM household.. Homecoming game..

MamaRAMa14October 09, 2021 10:17AM

  Thanks, Mama... quick story.

JamesJM16October 09, 2021 10:45AM

  Re: Thanks, Mama... quick story.

MamaRAMa9October 09, 2021 10:56AM

  And the good times continue...

JamesJM17October 10, 2021 07:41AM

  Ok, I have to apologize...

JamesJM18October 10, 2021 06:23PM

  Yet more boasting...

JamesJM13October 10, 2021 09:17AM

  more congrats

IowaRam20October 10, 2021 11:00AM

  Just for you, Iowa...

JamesJM14October 10, 2021 11:25AM

  Going to be super cool to have stuff like to look back on

IowaRam13October 10, 2021 12:14PM

  school size Attachments

IowaRam16October 10, 2021 11:05AM

  I remember that picture James....

RAMbler15October 11, 2021 08:09AM

  Thinking of sending one of these to each of my 5 granddaughters Attachments

RAMbler16October 11, 2021 08:15AM

  Well, he was nominated...

JamesJM14October 11, 2021 01:02PM

  With last Fridays win , Attachments

IowaRam15October 11, 2021 01:50PM

  Wow, congrats, Iowa...

JamesJM16October 11, 2021 02:16PM

  Re: Wow, congrats, Iowa... Attachments

IowaRam17October 11, 2021 03:02PM

  Re: Wow, congrats, Iowa...

JamesJM14October 11, 2021 03:13PM

  Re: Wow, congrats, Iowa...

IowaRam14October 11, 2021 03:46PM

  That is an illustrious history...

JamesJM19October 11, 2021 04:15PM