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Accents, I love them...

October 07, 2021 09:34AM
I wish I had one... well, I guess I do... to some. People from back east all say us far westerners speak with a slight southern drawl. I can't hear it.

Got a big surprise recently, this Saturday past. Youth football game in Los Banos, Ca. Home of "Woolgrowers Basque Restaurant". I practically grew up there.. (Waterfield, if you read this: Next time you're traveling I-5 you owe it to yourself to stop there and eat, you won't regret it). I practically grew up at Woolgrowers but since retiring I have been there VERY seldom.

So we are seated and I'm having a glass of wine waiting for the Basque waiter or waitress to come and tell me what the specials are. Very crowded, had to wait a bit... no problem, wine comes with your meal whether you order it or not. Out of the kitchen comes our waiter... Pale, slightly reddish/blond hair, pink cheeks,..... I says to myself, "This ain't right". He begins to go through the days specials.... and that ain't no Basque accent I'm hearing. I recognize it immediately.... this guy couldn't be more than a day off the boat from Glasgow. Now I'm talking THICK, thick Scottish accent.. which as you know is not understandable to anyone not from Scotland. BUT....

Music to my ears... although I am quite worried the menu has changed. Haggis at a Basque Restaurant?.... got nothing against Haggis but I'm there for the roast lamb. Well, no Haggis, and no the menu hadn't changed.

I don't have a favorite accent... love them all... even when I can't understand a word they're saying... like people from Boston, or Mississippi. I'm told, (and I don't believe this), that the only people in the world who speak English with no accent are Canadians. We have a Canadian or two on this board... gonna have to ask them about that. I've known many Canadians and while I can understand them perfectly I'm hearing what I would certainly call an accent. But not much of one.... certainly not as entertaining as someone from New Jersey.

So... to my question... which is your favorite accent? - JamesJM

  Accents, I love them...

JamesJM47October 07, 2021 09:34AM


21Dog19October 08, 2021 05:56AM

  It can aggravate people...

JamesJM16October 08, 2021 08:13AM

  Re: It can aggravate people...

IowaRam20October 08, 2021 02:06PM

  LOL... that was funny! nm

RAMbler11October 12, 2021 10:08AM

  I wake up to it every day.....

roman1819October 12, 2021 10:41AM

  Re: I wake up to it every day.....

JamesJM15October 12, 2021 11:09AM

  Man, you always bring up interesting topics

Drew283922October 08, 2021 06:38AM

  Oh man do you have my envy.....

JamesJM17October 08, 2021 08:04AM

  Re: Accents, I love them...

MamaRAMa15October 08, 2021 06:49AM

  love the UK English

IowaRam17October 08, 2021 02:01PM

  I loved hearing my Great Grandmother talk. She was from Liverpool England..

Ramgator15October 08, 2021 05:09PM

  If I needed to pick a favorite, it would be British for sure....

RAMbler14October 12, 2021 10:25AM

  Give me Swedish..

sstrams12October 12, 2021 11:02AM

  Re: Accents, I love them...

IowaRam15October 12, 2021 02:11PM