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Yikes, mistake...

July 21, 2021 06:31PM
except the Kimber Micro, which I think IS approved. AND, is safe.

  So, I'm about to pull the trigger..

sstrams59July 21, 2021 05:51PM

  Welllll, me too...

JamesJM13July 21, 2021 05:52PM

  On a drone, or deep throating a shotgun?

sstrams7July 21, 2021 05:56PM

  You should get one and we can have drone fights..

sstrams8July 21, 2021 05:59PM

  Stop giving me ideas...

JamesJM8July 21, 2021 06:00PM

  I'll tell ya right now- I won't fight fair in a drone war..

sstrams7July 21, 2021 06:09PM

  My laser kit is in the mail...

JamesJM12July 21, 2021 06:14PM

  Why is the glock getting no love?

sstrams9July 21, 2021 06:25PM

  It's new...

JamesJM10July 21, 2021 06:30PM

  Yikes, mistake...

JamesJM10July 21, 2021 06:31PM

  Makes sense..

sstrams8July 22, 2021 02:52AM

  Re: So, I'm about to pull the trigger..do it!!

Rampage2K-17July 24, 2021 12:35PM

  Awesome vid - thanks man!

sstrams2July 24, 2021 01:12PM

  Re: Awesome vid - thanks man!

Rampage2K-7July 24, 2021 02:41PM

  Dont they lock onto to your phones GPS

IowaRam11July 24, 2021 03:02PM

  That would be cool... didn't know that....

JamesJM7July 24, 2021 03:11PM

  Yes, you can set it..

sstrams4July 24, 2021 04:12PM

  They have a setting, Iowa..

sstrams3July 24, 2021 04:21PM

  Well, wouldn't be totally blind..

sstrams4July 24, 2021 04:23PM

  More, more, more....

JamesJM6July 24, 2021 02:45PM

  Re: More, more, more....

Rampage2K-11July 24, 2021 02:54PM

  What about the tilt and zoom? (nm)

JamesJM2July 24, 2021 02:57PM

  The mini has both..

sstrams4July 24, 2021 04:17PM

  That's great.... but I wonder....

JamesJM6July 24, 2021 04:23PM

  I really don't know about the differences..

sstrams6July 24, 2021 04:29PM

  The mini shoots 4k now..

sstrams6July 24, 2021 04:14PM

  How tough is the FCC permit?

JamesJM6July 24, 2021 06:34PM

  I got an answer from a friend....

JamesJM6July 24, 2021 06:36PM

  Didn't know it was that easy..

sstrams7July 25, 2021 04:49AM

  Re: Didn't know it was that easy..

Rampage2K-7July 25, 2021 03:50PM

  Are there more restrictions..

sstrams3July 25, 2021 04:01PM

  Re: Are there more restrictions..

Rampage2K-3July 25, 2021 04:27PM